Sunday, February 15, 2009

Let's Get "Purse"nal!

I truly believe that if you look into a woman's purse, you get a small glimpse into her life. As women, we need to have all of our personal life necessities on hand at all times. To each woman it is different because of the different stage in their life. My friend Monica did a tag that exposed of all the insides of her little hand bag and I personally feel the post was darling. So, whithout further ado, I give you my purse.

My purse is a little black purse I received for my 28th Birthday. Black is classic and goes with anything. I tend to think I wear too much black, so a black purse just makes sense, right? :(

I try to keep my purses small, because the bigger it gets, the more unnecessary stuff I am carrying around. I use to have a back pack, seriously, that is a lot to be hauling around everywhere. If I had a personal preference, I would only carry around my phone and cash. Unfortunately, that is not the case at this time of my life.

First thing to be found in my purse is cash. The thing I love most about cash is that you tuck it away and completely forget about it. Then some time later, you find it and it is like someone just handed you cash as a gift. For example, as I emptied out my purse, I found $5 tucked in one of the pockets! Score!

Second, cash is basically my only way of spending. When you follow a budget, cash is the BEST way to go. Because when you are out, then you are out of money. End of story and the spending stops!

This is a collection of whatevers!
I always have gum because I have sugar cravings 24/7! Mints that I had to buy at Victoria Secret's so I could get a discount on my brazierres! Hair clips and bands because by the end of the day, I have to get my hair out of my face. Business cards of my favorite hair stylist and photographer, because sharin the love feels good. A discount card to the Children's Place, although I rarely shop there anymore, Lotion for my dry hands, Tylenal melt aways for Shae, and a spoon because I got sick and tired of needing a utencil and never having one. A pen is a must!! I am writing all the time, which technically, the pen should have been in the other pile. My dental floss. This is vital for me because I have a "food trap" and every time I eat, the food collects and it is irratating. Low and behold the floss is so helpful and my day continues on happy and sparkling clean teeth. A roll of stamps is included because thank you notes and bills are always rolling out of my hands.

Not done, I still have a ton more. For emergencies, I carry my wallet and check book around. My wallet is the small red pouch that holds all of my cards, drivers license, membership cards, insurance, etc. Small, neat and I love it. Of course I have my phone and my day planner. The keys are my office keys attached to mase spray. Yes, Mase Spray. I work with 3 other men in my office and I have a small phobia. Of course I have my delightful planner that I made from Walmart. I have truly enjoyed its compactness and easy accesibility. The purple notebook is my "Let It Rain" journal. The little red rock on the purple journal is a Red Ruby. It is a reminder to carry with me that a "Virtuous Woman is prized above Rubies". The yellow cards are our tickets into the dedication of the Draper temple. I am very excited for that one!

Alas, the biggest reason I do not carry a large purse is because my purses eventually turn into garbage collectors. The bigger the purse, the more garbage I collect. I would be a complete liar if I did not note the gum wrappers collecting at the bottom of my purse. I have a sever problem, and I hate feeling like a walking garbage bin.

There you go! That is my life in a nut shell! I hope you enjoyed a peek and I tag anyone and everyone to take on the purse challenge. Share with us the woman that you really are!


Tierra Lynne said...

Yay! I am such a genius! Did you know I started this tag and tagged Monica???

Jeepers, if you go back into my archives of January, you'll see mine and have the biggest laugh! I carry a huge purse! To me the bigger the better. I have this thing where I have to have everything I might need.

But, I love that you carry a spoon! And the Red ruby, LOVE that!
I'm so glad this caught on because, mainly I did it show what a snoop I am and I always used to love to snoop through my aunts purses at church when I was little.

So the snooper that I am, I loved seeing what’s in your purse!!!

Tierra Lynne said...

Oh, and you can always connect with a woman by whats in her purse!
So true!

Ann Marie said...

I love this tag!
It was fun to see what you keep, and the explanations that go with it..

I am looking at all of the stuff and thinking "how does it fit in that tiny purse?" It must be a little bigger than the picture shows...

Ya.. and I would be one to have 1 M&M, or some kind of garbage in mine... I clean it out alot.. But there is always something..

Miss Megan said...

Ah, dental floss and gum are essential in any of my purses. Glad you agree! Sorry about the dump the other day. I went back and re-read it and thought man, what a little black rain cloud! I am doing much better this week, but thanks again for all your support and kind words. It really meant a lot, and it's nice to know I'm not the only one going through the "hate"! Thanks again and I'll see you on Tuesday! Goose Girl!

JENNIFRO said...

You have a clean purse! I need to do this...I think it'll be fun to look back later and see what you were cartin' around at the time. I'm with Ann--that purse looks too little for all those treasures!

{Mo} said...

I agree with the smaller purse theroy too, but I actually have done well keeping my small purse uncluttered?
I'm with you on the cash... we deal mostly in cash in our house. When Derrick first came up with that plan I was not sold, but it's been better than I thought it would be!
I'm seriously impressed with the wrapper collection!!!! That's one thinkg I can't do, I clean them all out at least every other day.... it just bugs?
Thanks for letting me take a little peek!


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