Monday, February 16, 2009

Embarrased? Top it and Win $5 Gift Card

I have no clue why, but lately I have been addicted to reading people's embarrassing moments on their blogs. I love a good laugh, and when those make fun of themselves and have you laugh along with them, I pretty much would label that priceless.

Maybe I love them because even though I do not have a middle name, I would seriously consider "klutz" to be legally my middle name. I have had time after time embarrassing moments in my life, which I do enjoy reminiscing about. Although, many moments have been lost in the black hole of my brain, I do recall a few good ones.

My junior high years were interesting. I went through a HUGE growth spurt during that time and the best way I can describe it is to compare myself to a full grown puppy that thinks that it is still the tiny size it was when it was born. Have you ever seen that? Dogs running into tables and corners because they think they are smaller than they actually are now?

Yeah, that was me. I have fallen down many of a stairways, hit my head on windows and tripped about a million times. My favorite was in 7th grade I was walking out the doors with a boy that I really liked and slammed right into a light pole. Yeah, that was smooth.

So, here is my challenge to my blogging buddies. I want to know your BEST most EMBARRASSING moment in your life. Leave me your story and the story that Brian and I agree is the winner will receive a $5.00 gift card to Hollywood Video.

Better yet, if you can post the most embarrassing thing that I have ever done that you WITNESSED, I will give away a $10.00 gift card to Hollywood Video.

Ready to play? Ok BRING IT ON!!!


JENNIFRO said...

Hmmm.......let me think a minute!

Tierra Lynne said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm so in for this one and READY to win! I'm pretty sure mine tops them all.

Mine is hardcore embarrassing.
Can I call???
I really dont want to post it because it's just tooooooo embarrassing. It happend when i was 15, missionaries, and well....lets just say i hope to NEVER EVER run into those two in the next life. Or better yet next forever.

Or I can email. Game? Let me know. Trust me on's gotta beat everybody.

Great Idea BTW

Tierra Lynne said...

Oh also, I got quite the chuckle on the running into the light pole. Smooth, VERY smooth.
What a great gal you are for doing this!!!

Suzanne said...

Tiera Lynn,

You are welcome to call me or email me. My email is on my profile, or you can get all of my info from Ann. -Suzanne

Ann Marie said...

I cannot write any of my most embarrassing moments, because you would be embarrassed at some of the words/stories that are shared on your blog. You may be getting alot of e-mails! Ha-ha!

Count me out on this one. I've heard Tierra's though.. And it's good. Prize worthy.

I wish I had a good one that I felt good about publicly sharing.. But there pretty bad.

Jenice Henrie said...

Ok, remember when I was coming home from school and I couldn't get past a very slow driver. I got so frustrated that when I finally passed the person I flipped her the bird and said something very embarrassing. Now the embarrassing part. She lived in our ward and waved back very friendly.

This is not a klutz moment, it is one of my "oh I can't control my thoughts" moment.

{Mo} said...

I have pleanty... But for some reason my mind is blank right now?
I do distinctly remember taking Derrick to my Grandparents when we were dating. His BF/cousin was with us. We went outside for something and as we walked back in I reached back and grabbed Derrick's hand. Everyone in the kitchen stopped what they were doing and gave me a weird look. I just kept going into the Family room where I looked back and realized James was behind me and not Derrick and I was holding James' hand! I couldn't belive that either of them just let me walk through the house holding the wrong guys hand! I'll keep thinking!

Cherie said...

I really want to hear Tierra Lynnes story!!!!
Mine was an embarrasing "gas" story. I was in the 7th grade and my seat was in the very back of the middle row.
We had a big test that day and we sat down, got our tests, and started. The room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop and I passed some gas....rather LOUDLY.
Of course, everyone turned around and in my panic I looked at the boy in front of me (a very shy introverted boy) and said "ew Gross!". Then everyone thought it was him and he did not say a word. Disaster averted!

EXCEPT...I still feel really bad about doing that and if I could apologize to that boy now I would.
That's my story:D

Cherie said...

Suzanne I would love it if you would share my story with your YW. Your celebration sounds like a really great thing:D Love those youth activities!

Suzanne said...

Tierra- You have 24 hours to get a hold of me to get your story in or else I am picking a winner without you!!! Let me know! -Suzanne

Miss Megan said...

I have to give credit where credit is due, and the best I have ever heard of actually happened to my friend.

My girlfriend (we'll call her Melanie) was a YW leader at youth conference when the incident occurred. She was playing co-ed volleyball with the kids, and was apparently having a VERY heavy "Aunt Flo" day. Because of this she doubled up on a tampon and a pad. When she jumped in the air to hit the ball she landed and out came her "used" pad! In front of all the guys she had to pick it up and head to the bathroom! I just groan every time she tells that story. So sad!

As for me...well. I've had a few myself. Farting in front of my boyfriend (accidentally of course), tripping, boogars, you name it. I was also waiting one day for my grandparents to pick me up from school. When they finally showed, I climbed into the car only to discover it was the wrong car!

However, my all-time worst moment was during my first year of college. I was at church one Sunday, and sitting next to this really cute/fun boy from my debate team, and I wanted to make a good impression on him. As they were passing the sacrament my hand slipped on the tray and it crashed on me, then the bench, then the floor. Of course it was the water tray, and it went EVERYWHERE! I was soaked, he was soaked, and of course EVERYONE turned around to see what the ruckus was all about. To this day I am SOOOO careful when I pass those trays. I usually hold it with two hands.


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