Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A new fan of Jon Schmidt

This morning I really lucked out and was able to attend an early morningside with my husband. The speaker was Jon Schmidt and the youth were just going crazy over him. I had never heard of him, for some reason my mind kept thinking of Jim Brickman.
I was completely blown away by the musical talent of this man. He played brilliantly and the room was packed by the youth at 6:30 in the morning. He plays upside down, with his feet (something I was not able to see this morning) and he was Amazing.
He bobbs his head, his feet are pouding andthat piano is blaring, but he writes and plays the most beautiful music that touches the soul.
Ladies I give you Jon Schmidt


Ann Marie said...

Man.. A morning side?
You and Brian are amazing!
Always on the go!!
Glad you had a nice morning!!

Notre Folle Vie said...

What an amazing artist. I looked him up and it appears he will be performing in Mesquite on March 12. I think I will plan a family outting. Thank you so much. ~Janet

Miss Megan said...

That was awesome!

I finally posted embarrassing moments on your blog...Thanks again for coming last night! It was a lot of fun, and I definitely got a new perspective on Enna Burning. I hope you like the Eckhart Tolle book!

JENNIFRO said...

I love him. He is AWESOME! I hope one of my kids can play his music soon.

Lisel said...

I love Jon Schmidt too. I think I went to a fireside back in junior high and couldn't believe how amazing he was!


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