Monday, March 23, 2009

21 Day Challenge: Day 4

Day 4

A normal day for me, however another huge lesson taught to me today.

I was delayed into work today because of the snow storm. When I walked into the office, I made sure I said hello to everyone in the office. I know they are not used to the cheerful persona, because I handle all the finances and the last 6 months have not been pretty. One of my co-workers told me last week that I needed to start drinking coffee so I would be perkier in the morning. Ha!! I blew him out of the water this morning.

What a difference a happy persona can make. I'm sure they thought I was on something, but it was nice to be asked how my weekend was, how my day was going and hope the rest of my day goes well. As I was about visiting my grandma, taking Shae to the doctors office, I said hello to complete strangers for most of the day. It was awesome!!

Which leads me to the lesson of the day.

As Shae and I were leaving the grocery store and loading our groceries in the back of the car, I hear a small boy crying out for his mother. I turn into the direction of the cry and a little 3 year old boy is running down the middle of the parking lot crying out to his mother. I stopped and observed the child to wait and see a loving mother chase after him to snatch him up because he escaped from her while she was loading the car. Waited........Waited............No mother!

He was now 2 cars away from me and I had parked towards the back of a grocery store parking lot. I saw the panic in his eyes and I immediately asked where his mother was. He bolted in between the side of the cars and so I closed the trunk and started to walk toward him. As I got closer, he came back out from hiding in between the cars and he was terrified. I listen to hear a mother calling this boy's name and nothing. I walk next to him and tell him that I would help him find his mother.

Cautiously, he took my hand.

I didn't want to walk him back to my car, in fear of scaring him that I was going to take him away, so I start to scream for Shae to get out of the car. She had buckled herself in and was waiting for me to get in the car to go home. Finally Shae turns and sees me and jumps out of the car wanting to know who my new friend was?

We walked the boy back up to the grocery store, when I hear a woman yell up ahead "he's mine!" She wasn't perplexed or afraid as she casually walking out of the store when easily he had been missing 3-5 minutes. He hugged her and they walked away to their car. I grabbed Shaeler's hand and cried as I walked her back to our car.

2 Things kill me about that situation:

1. What kind of mother allows her child to run freely to be able to run to the back of the parking lot of a grocery store and not be afraid that someone would snatch that boy right up and take him away or hit him with their car while backing out?

(I will save that discussion for another day)

2. And most importantly, why was I the only one that stopped and took the time to help a helpless little boy? There were people everywhere and no one stopped to help him but me.

He's 3!

What kind of world have we come to that we won't stop to help each other, not even a small child?

Are we too busy in our own personal lives to help out a fellow human being? Have we become so numb to the situation that not even a child deserves our time?

I'm sorry, but not me! I feel even more empowered to stop and help those who need my help some how some way. I bet the mother was appreciative but that boy was probably more thankful than he could ever express. Slap the good Samaritan cape on me because if I can help then I will. And that's the kindest thing I can ever do!


Kristen said...

*sigh* That poor kid! Seriously, what is his mom thinking? Glad you stopped to help him. How could you not?

When we ran the Susan Koman 5k last May there was a little girl who was lost, looking for her mom in the huge crowd at the booths after the race. I grabbed her hand and walked straight to the nearest race volunteer and asked what to do. They got the "lost kid" plan into action, and meanwhile, after about five minutes, her mom storms up, grabs the girl's hand, yells at her for getting lost (I TOLD you to stay with me), and marches away. No thank you. No "are you okay?" No concern. This girl was only six! It made me mad.

Maybe these ladies took parenting classes from the same place. :)

Keep up the challenge. It's been fun to read about each day!

Carrie said...

I am seriously loving this challenge. Why does it make me feel better about your day 3? Maybe because I am the girl who sits by herself and everyone knows everyone and I just blend in the background. We were inactive until Dylan started going to primary - then we went for him. We are slowly going for us now. You give me faith of what I can become!!!!

That is sad about the poor kid. I don't get people either. The only thing I can think of why people didn't help is because people can turn the situation so quickly to something bad. Maybe that thought comes from being married to an attorney. :) I would have helped too. That is too close in age to my B and I tear up thinking of him calling for me in a PARKING LOT!?!?!?! Maybe I value how much my kids drive me crazy more than the typical crazy, sleep deprived ma ma.

The Faithful Girl said...

How sad for that little boy. I wandered away from my mom once when I was little and I still remember how horrified and scared I was. I can't believe that mother wasn't freaking out. If one of my boys wandered off I would be screaming their name and demanding that everyone help me find him. I watch my boys like a hawk. It makes me tear up just thinking about losing track of one of them.

How lucky that mom is that you were there to help her. And how lucky that boy is that someone with bad intentions didn't snatch him up before his mom took the time to find him.

Heather Perry said...

I am so glad you were there for that little boy. That story breaks my heart.

You are truly doing an amazing job at your challenge.

Jenice Henrie said...

Way to go. When a child is in need all my insecurities drop off the earth and I become supermom. After it is over, I cry like a baby. Not that you cry like a baby, but your mommy alarm goes off and you step in when others run away. Great job Suzanne.

Ann Marie said...

Good job Suzanne!!

You acted quickly, and I'm sure the little boy was told by the spirit that you were a good person and he could trust you..

I remember I was only about 8 years old and we were at a ward campout in the mountains. I had wandered away from camp and had gotten myself lost. I found a road and followed it hoping someone would find me. After running and praying to be found--a man saw me that was riding his harley.. He pulled over and I was scared to go to him but I remember the overwhelming feeling come over me that he was ok to go to. I did, and he took me to my parents camp. I was 3 miles from the camp. When I read your story from him being timid, and then feeling OK to come to you.. I'm sure he was guided. Children are so close to the spirit.

I am happy to read these challenges each day. One of the most important lessons I can see each day is that instead of waiting for others to talk, be-fiend or sit by you in RS, YOU Are the one approaching and saying Hi and such.. Great lessons to be learned each day... Thanks!

Mackenzie said...

Once again, you are rockin' the free world! Lucky for that kid that you found him. I wonder how panicked that mom may have been inside and probably embarrassed that she lost her kid.

I am sure she and the little guy were very appreciative for what you did.

Cherie said...

Good thing you were there! So many things could have happened to that little guy.
I feel sorry for him.
Keep your cape on!! You are super :D


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