Tuesday, March 24, 2009

21 Day Challenge: Day 5

Today was kind of a cheat day.
Kind of ....
I only went to 3 places today and spent 9 of the 14 waking hours alone in my home.
Why do you ask? Shaeler was sick and was vomitting. I am thinking a reaction from her vaccination shots because she is chipper and dandy this evening.
1 Thing sticks out in my mind today. Which I pose a question to ponder. I am guilty of it, it happened to me this morning.
Why is it when we see someone and we feel awkward that we pretended like we never saw them? Let me ask the question to myself: Suzanne, why is it when you see someone and you feel awkward, you pretend like you never saw the person?
Hmmmm.....Perhaps I am not alone on this one. I awoke early to go to the gym and as I was walking up the stairs, I noticed someone I knew. He did not see me, but I knew who he was. I veered immediately to the left and made no eye contact with him, so I would not have to have the obligation to say hello.
What? Why?
Very common for me at the gym. Totally not what the challenge is suppose to be and I gave in!
I gave in!
I headed back down stairs to lift weights and now I am feeling guilty of failing my own challenge. So I marched right back upstairs, and said hello.
Who am I kidding that I think that I can get away with something so low as to not notice and say hello to someone I know. It drives me nuts when people do it to me. So I am posting a new rule for the 21 Day Challenge:
Rule #2
When walking into rooms, scan the room, if you see someone you know, walk up to them and say hello the very first thing. Like a bandaid, just get it over with and end the awkwardness that at least exists in your own world.
I swear the anxiety is a lot worse than the actual action. What kind of message does that give? Clearly not a very good one: me, case in point!


Cherie said...

First! Ha Ha
I have been totally guilty of this! Ugh
I usually do it when I am not feeling at my best whether I am having a bad day or don't look like I want to.
I find when I am prepared and put together that I have a much easier time greeting anyone.
What does that say about me?? Hhmmmmm

Good for you for going and finding him and saying "hello" I totally know I wouldn't have done that. You rock!

Heather Perry said...

That is so awesome you went back and said hello. You rock, way to go!

I am so sorry that your little one isn't feeling well.

Ann Marie said...

I do this ALOT!
I am ashamed.. But then again.. I do go out in public without make-up and such and to be fair.. I would avoid my good neighbors and family looking the way I do sometimes..

Glad you went back and said Hi.

Glad Shae is feeling better.

Miss Megan said...

Hey girl! It's been a while since I've visited you...just catching up on your apron sewing and 21 day challenge. You are one ambitious gal! I think it's a great idea though...and I had NO IDEA you had social anxieties - never would have guessed. Shows how observant I am! I will be following your progress with rapt attention from now on. Proceed!

Jenice Henrie said...

I am sorry to hear that Shaeler was sick. I was also glad to read that it had passed. Good luck with your quest.

The Faithful Girl said...

I am professionl at this. I don't know why sometimes it just seems easier to pretend like you're in your own world, then to just make eye contact and say hi.


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