Wednesday, March 25, 2009

21 Day Challenge: Day 6

Today has finally come and the stressing and anxiety has finally come to an end. Why do you ask? Because we had to do the YW Spaghetti Dinner and Auction. A lot of work, lot of work.
When big events like this happen, my mind immediately goes into task mode. "What? There are people are around me, that is fine, I'm busy." Again, another of my downfalls.
I have to honestly say that I believe the dinner and auction was a success! The YW worked hard in setting up, cooking, serving, bussing, cleaning, auctioning, everything that they were asked to do, they did it! We raised over a $1000 for girls camp this year. It will help them a lot!
So was I the social butterfly However, I can try harder next time, and that is fine. This is about progression, not an overnight transition. Plus, I can spend today saying thank you to all those who worked so hard!


Ann Marie said...

Yay! I know exactly how you feel after doing a BIG event. I'm happy you raised 1000. Sweet.

At least you recognize new things each day.. ways to improve. I think that is what's so great about this challenge.

If only every person woke up and thought "How can I improve myself today?" This world would be so different..

Have a good day..

Notre Folle Vie said...

I heard about the carmel apples you made. I am now craving cramel apples soo bad. I'm sure they were a hit, did they taste as good as they sound?

Suzanne said...

They were delicious!! They auctioned off 9 apples for over $100. They were the most popular item!! Well worth the hour and a half of stirring caramel. Haha! -Suzanne

Heather Perry said...

That is so exciting you raise so much. They are going to have a wonderful camp.

You are doing so well. Like you said it can't be a transition over night. I am sure you did enough socializing making that dinner come to pass.

Jenice Henrie said...

I am so glad to hear that the event went so well, especially the apples. Tell everyone that the receipe is an old family secret and cannot be shared. I am sure that you were a lot friendlier than you thought you were. Your goals is one that great people develop over a lifetime, 21 days is very optomistic, let alone 5 days.

Wow on the amount of money raised. I am sure that the girls will really enjoy their camp.

Cherie said...

$1,000 that is really amazing. It sounds like alot of work to put on an auction and dinner but I bet it feels so good now that you are done and it was so successful!

I think you ARE miss social butterfly when you help put on an event like that - totally!

P.s. Of course, you can put me on the side of your blog! :D


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