Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Am Doing A Great Work and Cannot Come Down

I looked over my month of May and took a long deep breath as I am about to see the month of May dissapear! We are in Temple Celebration mode down here and the youth are celebrating our brand new temple, the Oquirrh Mountain temple, on May 30. What an honor to be part of this event. To celebrate our newest temple in the valley, which means 4 temple spires you can see on a clear day. How blessed we truly are to have such easy access to a temple and truly a great event to celebrate. Last night I went with the Stake to a Leadership meeting to instruct us on how to shuffle 7,000 youth in and out and on and off stage in the Conference Center. Whoa!! This is one HUMONGO task especially with only 90 seconds in between each performance.

Let us not forget that we are dealing with the youth and the natives can get restless and start causing trouble. And so we have received instruction on how to organize, mobilize and utilize our bright and shining young talents during their performance.

As I sat and listened to the instructions and the overwhelming feeling that we were a month away from the actual performance in front of the prophet, my heart was filled with extreme gratitude for the leaders in our stake who have taken on such a High Impact - Short time project. Thank you especially to Marissa, Melissa, Paige and Chelsea for tackling this huge event and my heart goes out to Marissa as she had the deer in the head lights look last night. No worries honey, we have your back! We will support you anyway you need us! Also all of our Priesthood leaders who are over the event and being there too!

The coolest thing that happened last night in the wee hours of the night is that we had a private tour of the "catacombs" of the Conference Center. Well that is what they called it!

SO Cool to see the behind the scenes and where they store all the GA chairs and stand. Walking underneath the HUGE organ and then walking out on the stage of the Conference Center and seeing what it must look like to look at all the people when we gather. Humbling! Truly Humbling!

It's like a maze behind scenes and I could have easily gotten lost if not for my friends. One part of the tour, as we were leaving, we walked into the elevator and the doors started to close as a hand grabs the door and a huge group walk in with us!


I am extremely claustophobic and I had a panic attack as a large man squishes me to the back of the elevator and my back pressed against the steel wall. Hot flashes, try to start pacing or moving, Katie yells out "Look Up!" and I tromple people down to exit the tiny box into the parking lot. Not the way I wanted to end my spiritual evening, however we got a good laugh out of it on the way home. I can hear Katie taunting me now, but I got the goods on her that her collar bone hurts when she is hungry.

Weird? I think so!

So, if I am MIA for a month or so, know that I am doing a great work and cannot come down. Ther is no other place I would rather be!


Cherie said...

I think this will be a fabulous event! One that the youth will never forget! Have Fun!!

Ann Marie said...

Summer means busy!
I look forward to volunteering in the open house! Woot!

{Mo} said...

What a great experience to look forward to! Just think of the wonderful memories!

Heather Perry said...

That is so cool you get to be a part of that.

One of my friends is teaching a dance for the event. Her name is Dawn Harvey.

How cool to see the behind the scenes. Sorry you felt so trapped though!

JENNIFRO said...

Wow...what is this all about??? Interesting. I've never even heard of that place...that the city the temple is in. What are all the kids doing?

Joyce Jones said...

I will never forget ushering at the Jordan River Temple open house. I bet you never forget this either. Love ya.

T. L. C. said...

Jealous! What a stunning memory this will be for you!


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