Friday, April 3, 2009

Let It Begin!

Every 6 months, I get SUPER excited because General Conference has finally come.
We seemed to have started a new tradition of having a full 3 days of glorious, spiritaul events.
This time will be no different, except that it will definately be better than the last.
I have taken this week to prepare for these 3 days.
I am anxious to listen and be fed. The past few days, I have been starving!
I have pitched my tent round about the temple, having my door thereof towards the temple.
"Let it begin" I whisper to myself as I arose this morning.
Man, these are the best days of my life!


Ann Marie said...

YAy! I'm exited too!

Clarke and Kamie said...

I know...why can't conference happen once a month??? It's too hard waiting.

Heather Perry said...

Yes! Let it begin! I am so excited!

I always feel conference weekend is a holiday. I love to hear from the brotherin.

Me said...

Ok, so I admit that I read this before conference and had every intention to comment then but didn't. Call me the biggest slacker there is right now. I am always excited to hear from our church leaders. I used to just think of it as a vacation from church, but now I honestly look forward to it.

I have to say too that it was a GREAT weekend

JENNIFRO said...

You are so inspiring to me Suzanne. I love your take on spirituality. SOOOO positive and proactive.



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