Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Helping Others!

May those in Italy receive great help in their times of tribulation. May the members stand up and help where they can. May I hear from Natasha very soon that she is alright.


Ann Marie said...

Did Brian tell you what they said about this in Priesthood? I KNOW the church was there.. probably FIRST to help. I'm so grateful the church is so organized so it can do this..

I have a blog friend in Italy. I hope she is OK as well...

We can pray!!!

Heather Perry said...

What happened in Italy? I don't watch the news and I haven't heard anything.

I am so grateful for the church and the humanitarian program! Thanks for such a great message!

Me said...

I guess there were over 200 tremors today in Italy alone. And the death toll is over 200. What a sad day for Italy and the world. You can bet though that the church is there to help and I bet that they were one of the first ones there.

BTW, you can cut the butter to just a couple of Tablespoons if you want on that recipe. You could probably use olive oil too except that would alter the flavor just a bit. You don't have to use the whole cube. I usually cut it 1/2 anyways in most recipes. Just and FYI.

Small House said...

Just found your blog through Bakow Babble. So nice.

So sad about the earthquake in Italy. Broke my heart. So grateful that we are able to reach out through our church.

Again....loved your blog.
Have a good day.

Mom of twins ♥ said...

My cousin was also in Italy when this happened. She is a flight attendant and was there visiting with friends. But she is ok, so sad for those people!


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