Friday, August 21, 2009

The Big Three O!

In honor of this day and in sharing with the thoughts of one of my favorite people, President Monson, I will follow his counsel and give a gift to someone else today. I cannot afford to send you all a present so, I send all my love to you all and thank you for your kindness, love and generosity to me. However, for a very special person, the one who knows me best by answering my quiz below, I will give you a gift:

Yesterday, I was taken to lunch by my boss and a co-worker to the Cheesecake Factory. I am not a regular there, so I allowed the waiter to choose the type of cheese cake for me. It was called Stephanies Red Velvet Cheese Cake. I chuckled a litte because the red velvet reminds me of Steel Magnolius when the grooms cake is made. A red velvet cake shaped like an armadillo! Ha!

This was probably the most divine piece of heaven on earth. Everyone must taste it! I am not a big red velvet fan, but this was insanely good! So to the winner of my quiz below, I will either take you with me to the Cheesecake Factory for such divinity or send you a gift card so you can go without me in your own town. As long as you promise to take a good friend with you. If you have no Cheesecake Factory around you, I will figure out how to buy the dang cake and have it sent to you!

1. What is my favorite color?
2. What is the name of the man that stole my identy at Wells Fargo Bank?
3. Where did I go to collage?
4. Where do we go every year for Easter?
5. What's my favorite pass time?
6. When I sew, what do I like to make?
7. What is my gangster name?
8. What do I call the women who go to the bathroom a LOT at work?
9. How long have Brian and I been married?
10. The Last book I read?
11. What club am I a part of that raises money every 4th of July?
12. Name 1 of my 3 favorite places?
13. My favorite treat to make?
14. What kind of car was it in the morning I thought I was going to die on my bike?
15. There are 2 things I am snobby about, what are they?
16. What is the Christmas tradition that I think should never die?
17. What is the name of the doll Brian gave me the Christmas that we were engaged?
18. What was my 15 seconds of fame for last year?
19. What animal print is on my blanket that I have slept with since I was 12?
20. How many men have I kissed (or been kissed by) in my life?
21. What is my favorite romance movie?
22. Color of my ski outfit the one and only day I have been skiing in the last 15 years?
23. I have a physical disability, what is it?
24. What is my favorite food?
25. What is my greatest fear?
26. What is Brian and mine's alias blog names?
27. How long have you known me personally or by blog?
28. What is my favorite holiday?
29. What is my dream?
30. What is your favorite blog post that I have posted?

Winner will be drawn from those that get at least 15 right. All questions have been taken from my blog posts throughout the years. Good Luck!


Lacey said...

Happy happy birthday Suzie dear! Here's to a great 30 years and hopefully many more to come!

Jenice Henrie said...

1. Not sure, blue?
2. Not sure.
3. You went to "college" at the U of U.
4. The cabin.
5. Sleeping.
6. Aprons.
7. Not sure.
8. Reggies.
9. Ten years.
10. Hourglass Door, still on your blog page.
11. Lions club.
12. Temple.
13. Chocolate covered pretzels.
14. VW Bug delivering papers.
15. Ice cream. It has to be shaved chocolate chip or cake batter.
16. Christmas caroling with your ward or buying a new book about the holiday like the three trees.
17. Nasty little man or ugly old man--not sure.
18. Laura's story on Youtube.
19. Cows.
20. Two, but possibly three.
21. Man from Snowy River or Strictly Ballroom.
22. Green and brown.
23. Depth perception like your dad.
24. Carmel apples.
25. Dark, small places like caves or burning up like grandma.
26. Not too sure Chuckie and Stacey?
27. 30 plus womb time.
28. Easter.
29. Go on a mission.
30. Not sure.

I gussed on most of them, but you are pretty consistent in lots of your patterns.

Ann Marie said...

Ok.. after writing this long list.. I know that I knew most of them.. but I'm probably clueless.

I thought I'd try for some of that yummy cheesecake though!!

1- Turquoise
2- ? Can't remember
3- U of U
4- The Cabin
5- Reading
6- Aprons ( which I LOVE )
7- ?
8- ?
9- 10 years like me!
10- The BOM
11- The Lions Club
12- The Temple, With Brian and Shae or with the Young women.
13- Caramel Apples?
14- VW bug
15- Journals... and ?
16- Caroling
17- Nasty little man???
18- Helping Laura get her Medallion
19- Cows
20- What? No clue?
21- ?? It should be the Notebook!
22- ?
23- ?
24- Icecream
25- Closterphobia (like me) and dolls. ( I know that one! he-he)
26- What?
27- 12 or 13 years...
28- Easter
29- To have more children/adopt
30-I have lots and lots that I love but the ones I remember most are the BOM review and your post about Laura! Good spirits there!

* I know I probably missed alot after reading through your Mom's list.. but I tried!
See you tonight! Whoo-hoo!

Mom of twins ♥ said...

Hey, Happy Birthday! I was out of town on your actual bday, so hope it was a great one!

Miss Megan said...

I haven't got the foggiest on the quiz! Sorry! But I will say a very happy birthday to the girl with the cutest bum this side of the Mississippi! Thanks again for inviting me to your party!


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