Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Review: The Hourglass Door

So, I have some free time on my hands and noticed that I haven't done much reading lately. The summer is almost over and I hadn't even had a lazy day to sit and read. It's one of my favorite past times, ya know!

Monday, I headed over to Barnes and Noble and spent 2 and half hours there. It was glorious!!! I went there for a specific purpose (which I will blog about later) but I also wanted a good read for my week.

I paced back and forth in the young adult fiction isle. I panicked a little because I had no friend with me telling me "don't read that" or "I highly recommend this." I was winging it on my own and I was sweating bullets. I promised myself that I would not buy anything that was not FSOY worthy.

I left B&N with no great fictions to read and I was a little sad. However, later that night, Brian needed to go to Deseret Book and I was his date. I saw a book I had been eyeballing at B&N and I marched up to the register and started asking a bazillion questions. Which the clerk happily answered because we were there at closing time and I was rumaging through their isles in the dark. I aksed her if she read the book and recommend it. Then I gave her my FSOY worthiness interview for the book and it seemed to pass. So I bought the book and finished it in a day plus or minus a couple of hours.

The Hourglass Door is a story about a girl named Abby and a boy named Dante who is an exchange student from Italy. Abby is a very strong willed girl who is at the point in her life that she is making big decisions. Where to go to collage? Should I be dating this boy, etc etc. Dante comes into the picture as she is Assistant Directing a play and the book goes on about their intereactions. Dante is different from the other boys and why is he wearing leather gloves with the fingers cut out all the time? (This kind of creeped me out!) However, as we get to know Dante and his history, we find that he is a special boy who has now found the girl who can unlock his past, his heart and his life.

I am on the fence on this one. It was your traditional teen love story with the kisses and all, but I had the hardest time getting into the connection between the 2 characters. If you asked me if I liked the book, I would say yes. Did I love the book? Still on the fence on that one.

What I did like is that it had me think about my time and how I spend it. I was inspired that the young woman made decisions for herself and not allow her friends or love wipe all sense of reality from her. She even said goodbye to her love because it was what was best for the both of them.

The Hourglass door gets 4 out of 5 stars. It was a fun easy read and it will become a series next year.


Carrie said...

This is on my request list for the library. I just need more time to read. Have you read Prada and Prejudice yet? It is a little twist on Austen, and super cute. I loved it! I have a friend who blogs reviews on YA literature and gets ARCs all the time. I should send you the link.

Heather said...

That is awesome you read it that quick. I kind of a slow reader. I am getting better though. Glad you got some time to yourself.

T. L. C. said...

I always LOVE a good book read and I have heard of this one BUT never new anyone who had read it.

Well, i'm nosy and i love to hear spoilers when it comes to books...So, when i'll be the one to call. :)

Also, Suzanne THANK YOU for that sweet reminder of "remember who you are"

My mother used to say that to me every time i left the door. NOT KIDDING. And Since she died, no one has ever said that to me since. And it brought back so many memories of her voice and i just want to say again and again thank you for that ever important voice. Who knows...maybe my mom whispered to you to say it and i thank you.

Luv ya!! And as i would say to her at the door...

"you know i will"

Miss Megan said...

Hmmm. I'll have to see about this one. I actually just started City of Bones (which everyone seems to be reading). Hopefully it's good! Thanks for posting your review!


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