Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunnyside Up!

Once upon a time, in our carefree days that is, our little family owned a boat. One sad and melancholy day, we had to sell our boat. We had bigger dreams and a clearer perspective and both did not include the boat. We said goodbye to an old friend and goodbye to the lazy days out on the lake. The only way we were now able to float upon the open waters is by invitation by those who would take pity of a family of 3 standing on the shore with their thumbs held out!

Our AMAZINGLY AWESOME friends offered to take us out for a ride the other day!! Hooray!

We loaded up, brought our own life life jackets, food, water and excitement to last a good afternoon. This would add another great moment to our summer of 2009! To have a day out on the lake, chilling with our friends and relaxing from our normal day activities. Rare opportunity and I had to snatch it!

Our little Miss Shae is growing up. 2 years ago when we had last been on the boat with her, she would roll herself up in a little ball and cover herself with a hat or towel almost the entire duration of the boat being on the water. Now that Miss Shae is 5, she's growing up and loved every moment of the open water. She was prancing and singing around the boat and had a bust buddy to tag along with her. Shae loves to joke around now with Alpine and enjoys his little adventures from a boys point of view.

T on the other hand, did not get as much freedom as the other two. He was such a good baby and slept for most of the trip.

This was an afternoon where the boys were able to relax and show us their stuff. Below is a picture of our dear friend Greg. Greg is visiting from the Dominican Republic where he and his family have moved to help change the world by teaching children and adults to read. They are an amazing family and we miss them dearly. Greg is very much a free spirit and likes to try any adventure. Here is Greg on the wake board.

Brian was very excited to get his old wake board out and hit the wake again. His spirits were so high this afternoon, this is one of Brian's playgrounds. He loves to wakeboard. I am always cautioning him to have a great time out there, but to remember that he is not as young as he once was and don't break or tear anything. If he did, I would have to take him in and have him put down.

Shayn is a waterskiing pro. First thing he wanted out on the water was his slolem(sp?) ski. I was blown away by how fast the boat was going and Shayn was whipping back and forth, side to side on the water.

Check out his rooster tail!! (and I am talking about the picture below, not the one above!)
Next Shayn wanted to wakeboard and borrow Brians board. The man had game. He was doing tricks and stunts that I have not see any of our normal group land. The guy probably has not been out boating for over 3 years and he was so natural. Shayn, you are such a punk!

Shae enjoying her boating adventure on Utah Lake!

As Shayn was coming back to the boat, Kristen and I are chatting away and then we hear screaming and grunting and groaning like somone was in labor. It was Shayn! Greg and Brian were helping Shayn deliver twins, his big feet in Brian's small boots.

Time of delivery 12:58 pm. Both babies were healthy and happy and all appendiges were still attached. Shayn, you never named the poor babies, but I am proud you didn't ask for an epideral.

Shae and Alpine loved hanging off the back of the boat with Brian. They would slowly be dipped into the water and would scream with glee of the coldness.

They were also brave enough to join Brian in some tubing action. Notice Alpine has a life jacket and the arm floaties. This kid was not going to sink even if we tried. All 3 loved every minute of the ride. The reason of the sad faces in the picture below was because we told them the ride was over and we were pulling them in.

Next we threw the older boys on the tube and let the boat whip them around the lake. I swear tubing is for the people in the boat's delight. We laugh and cheer as we torture some poor victim on a floating ring of death in hopes that we see some in humane ways of the body being thrown around the lake. And I love every minute of it.
Below is Brian riding the tube or is the tube riding him?

Here is Greg flying across the water on the tube.

Here is Greg flying across the water sans tube!

We had an awesome day out on the lake. We came home all tuckered out. It was so refreshing to take a day and do something that we so loved from long ago. Thank you to Shayn and Kristen for taking us with you. We are in your debts and are looking forward to a Powell trip next year! hehe!


Kristen said...

What a fantastic post! Hee hee! Love the Shayn in labor part - that seriously was funny. We had such a great time. And I'm serious about Powell. We'll have to figure out the logistics of it.

Miss Megan said...

That looks like a LOT of fun. Your husband is really good! And I love the last picture of Shae asleep...I love long summer days in the water, because the kids always seem to sleep so much better. Don't you think?

Mackenzie said...

Wow!! What a fun day! You guys are definitely in your element on the boat.

Ann Marie said...

What fun! I love the boat, and miss Lake Powell like CRAZY!

How was Utah Lake? I have never been there...

Notre Folle Vie said...

Oh that looked like so much fun! Shae looked so cute, but I bet she had a riot. I loved the part about putting Brian down, haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

Atherley Crack Ups said...

so fun! i miss boating as well. we haven't been for about 4 yrs. painful isn't it.

Carrie said...

I am impressed! That looks like a lot of fun. Now if only boats didn't scare the begeebers out of me...

Kristen said...

I also forgot to mention that my husband is totally hot in the rooster tail photo. Let's go boating again. ;)


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