Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Interview with Gertrude!

After doing my homework, I found out that Gertrude is a person on Facebook, but she is not real. She is a woman that 2 of my old young women made up. Keeping that in mind, enjoy the interview as these 2 girls, whose identities have been asked to keep concealed, answer my questions about the mysterious Gertrude Bogtrotter.


Thank you so much for accepting my invitation for an interview. I am simply amazed by your life and I think that more people need to be inspired by you. So thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Here are a few questions. If you could answer them and get them back to me back Wednesday, that would be glorious. Also, I love your kitties and I have seen you post pics of them on facebook. If you have any other pics or if you don't mind I would like to use your pics of your kitties so others can admire their gloriousness! Thanks Again!

1. You have led a very full life and I was wondering what is the one piece of advice you would give to rising "bogtrotters" in the world.

(Gertrude answers in red): Love your kitties as if they are your children. Kitties will always be there for you, humans will not.

2. What type of Kitty Litter and cat food do you buy?

I make my own kitty litter out of sand and shredded newspaper to prevent them from getting rashy. I feed my kitties only the best organic fish, trout is their favorite.

3. How many cats have you owned in your life time and do you have one all time favorite?

21, my very favorite has been Dilbert, only three are alive at this time because many have died from cancer and old age and I miss them dearly.

4. What are some of your favorite moments in your life?

When I traveled back to London and first laid eyes on Dilbert. I bought him immediately and then had a great rest of the time in London, being there with my family. Being with my nieces and nephews and how Dilbert is great with them and brings out the best in all of us.

5. Do you believe in love at first sight?

But of course! The first time I laid eyes on Norman was magical, but it is still complicated being with him because his family does not approve of me. (I laugh at this because Norman has told her in their first posts that his wife does his dread locks. A detail she overlooked.)

Picture of Norman Furple

6. What are your goals and what do you want to be remembered for?

I hope to have a husband some day... and maybe adopt a child, seeing as how I am no longer fertile. I want to be remembered for being such a great caregiver to my kitties and my exquisite gift for knitting.

That will do for now!! I cannot wait to hear back from you!!

Your Friend,




You are so modest and full of humility. Really, you could have expounded on these a little more. Maybe my questions are too broad. Do you mind if I expound or ask a few more?

1. I sense a touch of hurt in your answer to answer #1, is there a story behind that? I know it may be hard, but you are teaching us so much by your experience.

I just feel as if humans can let you down, they don't give as much love as kitties do. Kitties will always be there for you. I was going to adopt a small girl, but she ran away from the adoption center before I could embrace her into my loving family with me and my kitties.

2. Why does Norman's family not approve of you? You are so awesome was there something that happened with his family and you?

They think my love for my kitties is a bit obsessive, and unhealthy. But it's not! I just love them as I would my own children.

3. What was your first job?

Baby sitting the neighbors kitty, Henry, for a whole summer while she was away in Texas.

4. Tell me one of the funniest experience EVER with your kitties?

The night I dressed my favorite kitty, Dilbert, in a lovely silk tuxedo, that exentuated his eyes. It felt like we were in love, and we danced the night away, until he got a horrid case of the trots, and ruined his silk tuxedo! I was angry, but now I laugh at it.

5. How on earth did you end up from London to Idaho?

Well, Norman is originally from Idaho, he came on a trip to London, where we fell in love, he left, and I followed him to Idaho, because I couldn't imagine life without his aura.

I love this interview with you. I sense a bit of hesitency, but don't worry, you can tell me everything!! Don't hold back! Let the hair down and let us get to know the real Gertrude!

I appreciate all of that! although I cannot let down my hair because I recently underwent hair plug surgery, which as you can see, has been successful, and has transformed me into a new woman!
Thank you for this opportunity! It has been a great joy to get to know you! I hope we become great friends! Feel free to send more questions!
Love ya!

HEHE!! These girls crack me up! What imaginations they have!


Ann Marie said...

It's YW doing this?
They are very clever..:)
It's so fun to see that they love you as much as a friend.. as well as their leader.

Me said...

21 cats, heck my MIL has that at one time!

As Ann said though, very clever indeed. I would never have been that creative when I was in YW.

Carrie said...

I third that about being clever. What a fun bunch of girls. Maybe one day I will be called to YW's, sigh!
I needed the laugh! Especially about the tux and the hair plugs. Give those girls a hug for me - they made my week better!

Heather said...

They do have great imaginations. Gertrude is pretty hilarious!

Cherie said...

That was SO funny! Those girls are a crack up. I love the picture of Norman!!

How did you figure out it was your YW???


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