Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My New Friend:Gertrude Bogtrotter!

Hello my blog friends,

Sorry I was MIA for a bit. We headed down to our family cabin over the weekend and then I took Miss Shae to her first day of Kindergarten. Both were phenominal events that I will post about later when I:

a. Stop crying over my baby going to school


b. Get over a woman telling me this morning that her nieces and nephews go to a private school because their mom didn't want them to go to school with Mormons. Really??? What is this the 1960's?? You know we live in Utah? I am still boggled over that one!


Today, I would like to introduce you to my friend Gertrude Bogtrotter. She is a friend I met on Facebook and I have found her so intriguing, that I wanted to introduce you to her. Here is a little information on my new found friend.

I met Gertrude on Facebook last July. She friended me and I had no clue who she was. Here is our conversations via Facebook:

SUZANNE: Gertrude,Thank you for friending me. I see we have a lot of friends in common. However, I need some more specifics as to who you are. Can you help me out please! Thanks! Suzanne

GERTRUDE: suzanne i absolutely adore you and i am extremely saddened that you don't remember me.... for that i don't know if you deserve my friendship

SUZANNE: Wait!!! Hold on! It's comin to me now!! Weren't you Miss Cow Pie of Idaho 1984?? It's coming back to me now. Yes, yes, I happily accept you as my dear friend!

GERTRUDE: i am most definately not! but i would love to be your friend

With that said, this was all the information that I had on Gertrude from her facebook account. Her pic and her information.

Relationship Status:
It's Complicated
September 16, 1949
Rigby, ID

I would watch my friend Gertrude post random thoughts on Facebook every now and again. Here are some of my favorites of hers:

Gertrude Bogtrotter is knitting sweaters for her kitties :)

Gertrude Bogtrotter norman furple

She then posted pictures of her Kitties and I about wet my pants reading these:

Gertrude Bogtrotter My favorite part of my day is grooming my kitties. I just hate it when i get hair stuck in my mouth!

Gertrude Bogtrotter These are all of the kitties i have had through the years... I put them into a collage so i am always able to have them in my heart. they are so dear to me.

Gertrude Bogtrotter my kitty: cute duckie since i am from a british heritage i like duckie as the mane

After those posts, I had to interview the woman. So, I sent her a couple of emails interviewing her and laughed my head off. Want to know what she said?

Stay tuned for tomorrow as I post the Interview with Gertrude Bogtrotter!


Ann Marie said...

Is this for real?
It kinda sounds like someone has taken a picture of some Woman.. and is "representing her."
Has anyone actually "met" her!

The status updates are hilarious!
Can see why you want to be friends!

Notre Folle Vie said...

A fellow crazy cat lady, so far I like her. I told Brian about her knitting sweaters for her kitties and wondered if she sold them as well. He said he would love to video tape me trying to get sweaters on the cats....I thought it was a good idea.

I can't wait to her more about your new friend.


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