Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Review: Catching Fire!

WARNING! The book came out yesterday, and there are spoilers in my review. With that said:


I finished reading this book last night and I finished it with such anger, I was dissapointed in myself. I don't want this to be about hating the book, it's just that I ..............................well let me explain.

This is the second book to the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I liked the Hunger Games because it had me doing a lot of thinking. My thoughts were turned to possible countries where the government controls the poeple so much that they are forced into starvation or killing each other. I know these places exist on this earth. Eventually, when I finished the book, my mind had taken it to a more spiritaul plane and I learned a lot of lessons on how we can be set up to spiritually kill each other. Even the ones we love.

As I began the second book yesterday, I most wanted to know the decision Katniss made between Peetra and Gale. I like a great love story. So, I purchased the book and sat down yesterday to read.

The book started out with what we expected of Katniss going back to Gale and Peetra and Katniss relationship only existing when the camera's are around. The President of the Capital gives her a visit to warn her that she has started a rebellion that should never have happened. Durning her Victory Tour in all the cities, she needs to convince him and the people that Katniss and Peetra's love is for real. After her and Peetra's unsuccessful tries to do so, Katniss decides that she is done with trying to please the capital. Her first thoughts are to try and run away from the Capital with her family, Gale and his family and then Peetra and his family. Neither men like this idea and Gale is then further inspired to rebel against the control of the Capital. I liked the book all through this part until they call a Quarterly Quell that is the Hunger Games again with a twist. For the participants this year, they call back past victors. Clearly, the Capital getting back at Katniss.

This is the point that I get furious! REALLY?? We have to read about the games again and if she repeats, she is going to have to add new twists to keep it interesting. Which she does with more violence and more predictable turns. I was MAD! I felt like I was reading the plot of book 1 all over again. She was doing great within the different districts, why did we have to go back to the games where the author writes about torturing people and death. I was so upset, I skimmed through most of the end. It ends the same way as book 1, the capital is mad at Katniss and she has to decide between Peetra and Gale in the next book. REALLY?? Didn't we do this in book 1?

Second reason I am so mad is that this book is not FSOY worthy. I didn't realize this until I reflected back on the book laying in bed and realized that I read something that left me feeling yucky, and not uplifted. There is violence that is no worse than BOM war violence, but what frustrates me is that it doesn't matter what the level of violence is, I should listen to what my heart is saying. Out of sheer madness I wanted to prove my thoughts and know how the book ended, only to have remorse that in doing so, I read the entire book. I should have put it down and honestly I should of had the control to walk away whether I was mad or not.

I am frustrated about this book, can you tell? I need to stop talking now, so there you have it, I need to cool down today!


Ann Marie said...

Whoa! (he-he)
Sorry you wasted your time.. I know it makes me mad when it happens to me! Maybe you can sell the book?

I guess next time a new book comes out you'll have to have someone else read it first ( besides Stephenie Meyer ) and give you a FTSOTY worthy or not worthy review.

Jenice Henrie said...

Well, I am still waiting for UPS to deliver my copy today. I think I have a pretty good idea of what to expect. I will let you know if the book upsets me. When Harry Potter 5 came out and Claude told me he threw it across the room, I hesitated reading it as well.

BTW, what's going on with the cat?

Suzanne said...

Yeah, I am cooling down now. Just felt like it was a repeat of the first book and what am I doing reading a book about people hurting/killing each other. Wasn't a happy camper. The "cat" is back because the people are in the process of moving and didn't want to have the cat around in the process. I told Joyce that if Gabby wants to give us the cat we would take it when we got back from the cabin. That way the other owners can decide too. Right now the cat is staying in Gabby's room so Shae does not see it. We do not want to upset her or get her hopes up again. Everything is up in the air until next week. -Suzanne

Me said...

I'm sorry you felt this way about a book. I know how disappointing it can be to all hyped up for something and then it is nothing but a let down.

Mackenzie said...

Oh dang it!! I know how much you were looking forward to this book. What a bummer that it was a disappointment!!!

Ann Marie said...


To answer your questions:

Yes.. It was the Vance sale. I have never seen stuff so crazy cheap. I saw Sandy Jones the next day -- and she told me that some of the ward got to go "before they put it out" and that her daughter left with BOXES of church books.
Makes me sick.

Yes.. I know who her parents are.. and that made me even more exited about the furniture..
I am game for cheesecake whenever next week except for the weekend...
Let me know when your thinking..:)

Hope your day is great!

Miss Megan said...

I FINALLY got my hands on a copy and FINALLY finished the book today, so I thought I would go back through your post and read what you had to say (I didn't want to hear any spoilers).

I too was a little frustrated that she took it back to the arena, but I see now that this had to happen. Collins had to make the reader as mad as Katniss, Peeta and the districts. The unfairness and injustice of it all reminded me of people who were wrongfully imprisoned and tortured in Nazi Germany.

It's truly sad in our culture that it takes genocide and war to make us stand up and decide what is right and what is wrong, and to take action. Just as it is portrayed in the Hunger Games. Suzanne Collins is merely tapping into that anger. I think you have every right to feel frustrated, I just wonder if perhaps it's misplaced? Just a thought. :)


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