Thursday, September 3, 2009

8 Things I Love about Grandma Reader!

A couple of days ago, Shaeler had her last reading lesson with her Great Grandmother, whom she lovingly refers to as Grandma Reader! As our time is coming to an end, I want to list the 10 things I love about Grandma Reader!
1. She has changed so many lives. For over 25 years she taught 1st grade and I remember that she was the COOLEST teacher EVER! She had a plastic house that was the "Reading House." She had a Jump-a-Roo, which that thing in itself needs its own post. I remember going with her to her classroom and always being amazed by all the wonderful things I could play with in her classroom. She had puppets, musical instraments, sock balls to throw, books, some sort of critter in an aquariam. When I was in high school and had the same last name as her, many students would ask me if I was related to her. To which I proudly replied, "Absolutely!" She touched so many lives of students and left a legacy that I am proud to say that she is my grandma.

2. She taught me how to read. She gave me my foundation and a love of learning. I too sat with grandma at the table and was taught my first education. I loved her creative ways of teaching. I remember every year she would give us catipillar butterflys to help grow and cacoon and release outside. She paid me money for all the A's I got. I remember sitting in her chair wanting to go watch tv and play. She would give me the option to either read, or go pick rotten apricots off the grass or run around the block. I think forever will be embedded in my brain and and my sister's and my cousins brains will be sitting at the table with Grandma and her Tab.

3. She taught Shae to read. That in itself is priceless. The fact that my 82 year old grandmother has spent the last 2 years with my daughter and teaching her reading, writing, math, patterns, colors, and on and on. I wish that I would have had that kind of interaction with my Great Grandmother. I hope that Shaeler never forgets her time with Great Grandma Reader. She has given Shae a priceless gift - an education.

4. She was a wonderful grandmother to me! I remember spending many nights and days at my grandparents house. I loved it! I loved being able to spend time with my cousins and playing. I loved sleep overs and eating popcorn watching the planes fly by. I remember spending a lot of time at my grandmothers house before I started school. I remember having to model new clothes they bought for me while my grandpa sang "A Pretty Girl." This is probably why I am so comfortable leaving Shae at her grandparents houses so much. It is time that she will never get back as she gets older and busier.


5. She tells it like it is. Grandma is at an age that she holds nothing back. She says whatever is on her mind. I cannot even begin to tell you the countless stories of funny things she has said to me or to other people. I cannot wait to get to be that age. Basically, you can get away it and no one gets mad. They just blame it on your age. My favorite one will be when we were at Sizzler and she wanted a coke with ice and the cashier told her they only sold Pepsi products. To which she replies to the young girl, "Man that Pepsi company has you guys by the balls." haha! The look of shock on this girls face was awesome!! I just sat back and laughed and loved her even more.

6. She has taught me patience and love. There were many times at Shaeler's lessons that I would become frustrated and have to get up and walk away. Shae would be having a bad day and throwing a little attitude or lack of ambition and that drives me INSANE! Grandma would slowly work Shae out of her shell and get her to complete the task at hand. She would then lovingly remind me of Shaeler's age and that she needs to be loved into things that she does not want to do. That little piece of advice is so deep, it blows my mind.

7. She is not a woman of change! This makes me chuckle quite a bit. My grandmother's house is EXACTLY the same way it was when I was a child. The same carpet, the same couches, the same pictures on the fire place. The chair that Shaeler is sitting in above and below, is the SAME chair I sat in at the SAME table I was taught to read. CRAZY! Notice the duck tape keeping it together! Nice and I love it!

8. She is one of my Hero's! I love my grandmother and she is my hero. She has served multiple missions for the LDS Church. She is a true example of charity. She gives her time, home, money and love all the time. She loves her family and has taught almost all of her great grandchildren how to read. She is amazing and I hope to grow up to be just like her.


Notre Folle Vie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! This is my favorite post on your entire blog. I feel the same way about Grandma Henrie, she is truely an amazing woman and a wonderful mother/grandmother/great grandmother. I hope she realizes how many people love and respect her.
Thank you for doing this post and your pictures are amazing.

Jenice Henrie said...

I agree with both you and Janet. She has been more of a mother to me than my own mother. She always wants to buy dinner for everyone and loves sharing stories. Thanks for the pictures and the stories. I started to cry thinking back at everything she has done for us. I am sure that Shaeler will always remember her "Grandma Reader" with loving thoughts. She is one of the reasons that I went into teaching as well.

Heather said...

What a wonderful post! Your grandmother is truly an amazing women. I know that you will miss her when she passes but that is what is so wonderful about Heavenly Father's plan is that we will be together forever.

Ann Marie said...

Loved this sweet tribute!
I'm sure she would love it also..

I agree.. time spent with Grandparents is some of the most important time spent in life...

I thought she was your Mother's mother.. IS she your Dad's? Or is she someone close to the family you have adopted?

Lacey said...

Ditto! Good times with Grandma Henrie. She is definitely the ideal grandma and more. Thanks for the post, it was nice to read.

JENNIFRO said...

What a lovely post to come back to! I loved this so much Suzanne. Now I really miss my Grandmas...what an amazing experience for your daughter and what a wonderful lady your gma is. I can only imagine how blessed you feel to have her provide the same service to Shae as she did for you. Not to mention how awesome it is that she can read at such a young age! I missed you while I was sleeping...Haha! I have kept up with your posts just kept my mouth shut all the while. Good to be back around these parts. xo

Joyce Jones said...

We all strive to be a grandmother like her. Her mother was quite a grandma too. I think one of the reasons her house stays the same is becuase she spends her money on us instead of herself.


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