Friday, October 30, 2009

Good Times at Cornbelly's!

This last weekend, my family came into town for a wedding. They wanted to do fun Halloween Utah activities and I suggested Cornbelly's. I have never been there, but I have friends who really like it, and so we headed down to Thanksgiving Pointe for the afternoon.
Cornbelly's is a place that has corn mazes, slides, games, shows, and lots of fun activities for kids to do. We went on a beautiful afternoon and the weather was PERFECTO!!

I had to take a picture of this because it made me laugh so hard. Really? 5.36?? Is someone clocking me on that. Is that even a number that can be maintained while driving? hahaha!

Shae loved the princess area and slipped on a princess dress of her choice. It was quickly removed so she could immediately head to the jump house.

And this is what my daughter would look like if she were from the corn family.

They had 2 haunted houses that were inflatable. The first one was a 3-D haunted house. I put on my glasses, walked into a HOT, DARK, CLOSED space and turned right around. Went in with Shae in the second one of a large beast and she bailed out at the first scary sound. Thank goodness. Mom, don't be mad that you are in this picture. I want some kind of documention of you and plus, there is NO WAY you could ever get me back now that I have posted the zit picture.

The kids and I went for a ride in carts that were pulled by a tractor. It passed by the grown up corn maze and I saw some pretty scary things out in the field. Rodents hanging from a pole, ect. etc.

We stopped to see a pig race. Which we sat around for a while for a 3 sec race. The director of the show was giving the pigs names so people could cheer the pigs on. Names like, Hammah Montana or other such cheesy names. I was cheering on a pig that I gave a special name, but kept quiet in fear that people would freak out.


The tradition is to have your picture taken on the overly large rocking chair. I LOVE THAT CHAIR! Remember when Lily Tomlin plays Edit Ann and sits in the big rocking chair like this. Barely? Here's a refresher:

Not quite hitting my Edith Ann pose, but it felt the same!

Besides the minor mental break down from the scary haunted houses, I did see once again, the scariest place in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!! What would make me give a face like this?

Make your children leave the room and scroll down with your eye's barely open.

Hope you have a Happy Halloween!


Notre Folle Vie said...

Ok now it makes sense why you snuck away and took a picture of the porta potty. I had several thoughts going through my head of why you had done it, but this one is much safer. ;)

Thanks again for the good times. We are carving our free pumpkins tonight. Thanks Mom! <3

Suzanne said...

Oh, I was totally going to talk about that! I blanked it as I was putting this together! -Suzanne

Ann Marie said...

What fun at Corn Belly's!

I love the big rocker.. I so remember Edith.. To fun!

Love the name of the pig ;)

PS: Thanks for your comment..
Maybe Monday? Chad's drooling!
We'll talk soon! ♥

{Mo} said...

What a fun memory! I wish we lived closer. It just isn't worth it when you have to drive 2 hours with little the time you get there, they are stir crazy and wound up. Maybe when they get a bit older!

Jenice Henrie said...

I hate, hate, hate the picture. I understand the posterity point, but posting it on-line. Really Suzanne, what were you thinking?

Next time--no free pumpkins, or desert, or free meal. You are out of the freebee ops.

BTW, the dress looked wonderful on my phone. Do you have any pictures of Shaeler in the dress?

Jenice Henrie said...

Ignore everything that I just said. Having a bad day.

Melissa said...

It sounds like you had way more fun at Cornbellys then I did! I got to go on Wednesday, when the high for the day was like 24 degrees, with a group of 2nd graders. The ground was covered with fresh fallen snow, and the wind was blowing a bone chilling breeze. It was quite the experience. Not much was opened and the girls were crying because they were so cold! Why they didn't postpone the field trip is a mystery to me. Maybe we will have to go back next year on a warm fall day! Sounds a lot more fun!

Heather said...

You are so funny. Honey buckets are pretty scary.

What a fun place. I will have to take Ayla there when she gets older.


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