Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween: The Dress, The Ingles and The Pumpkin Carving!

We had a most excellent Halloween over here even though the week leading up to it almost caused me to have a
The culprit causing all the problems:


Shaeler decided to be Laura Ingles Wilder for Halloween this year. I looked around the internet and pioneer dresses were selling for $50-$65. No Way! Joanne's Fabric Store was having a huge sale when I went over there to take a look and the pattern only cost me 99 cents. This was just meant to be. So I bought the fabric, figured I'm intelligent, I can follow directions and away I went.

Unfortunately, life goes on and the hours and hours you plan to have are quickly taken for other time deserving activities. So, Wednesday, I sat down at the sewing machine, turned on my favorite old movies and sewed until my brain was fried. Even I didn't know how to do something, I would ask for a little help and then pin, baste and sew, hoping that it would work out. This I can tell you that on the sleeves and the collar, there were hands helping me. There is no way that I just sewed something like that and it turned out alright.

So, after hemming, finishing button holes and placing on the buttons, I threw Shae in the costume and figured whatever will be, will be.

Ladies, here is Laura Ingles Wilder!

I thought I would surprise Shae at her Halloween party and come dressed like her and be Caroline Ingles. She loved that we were in the same dress and it was so fun for me to whip out the old trek clothes. Dang I miss those days!

Caroline and Laura Ingles

After the ward trunk or treat, we headed over to the Bowler home to carve our pumpkins for Halloween. So much fun to pull out pumpkin guts with a friend. Shae and Alpine had a blast for about 5 minutes and then the parentals had to finish the job.
Which in all honesty, who doesn't enjoy being a kid and pulling out pumpkin guts?

I show this picture because check out the hair combes in my hair. Yeah, I did every detail I could to be Carline Ingles, even down to the wedding band. Just thought I would share that little detail.

We are, well you could say "pumpkin carving challenged." We do the typical triangle eyes, nose and the open mouth. I tried to do all circle shapes on my pumpkin. Yeah, it was real original let me tell you!

Shae started drawing her pumpkin face and the eyes were about the size of a dime. I had to encourage her to draw just a little bit bigger and here is her finished product!

We had a wonderful Halloween, hope you did too!


Notre Folle Vie said...

To say that the two of you looked absolutely adorable in your costumes would be an understatement. The dress turned out amazing and Shae looked cute as a button in it.

I'm glad you had a great Halloween, now take a break for atleast a few days.

You deserve it!

Lisa said...

Your daughter looks so cute as Laura Ingalls. And what a great surprise for her to have you dress up too. What a fun mom.

Lisel said...

You did a great job on the costume! I feel your pain though, I did way too much bonding with my sewing machine in the last few weeks! You both look adorable and all your effort was worth it!

Jenice Henrie said...

Now that I see all the pictures I'm not sure which one I want as wallpaper. Oh well, glad you had a fun holiday.

Carrie said...

So, you're saying the ghost of Mrs. Olson was preventing the dress from being made. Way to overcome. Too cute for words. You are seriously my hero!!!

Emma said...

Suzanne,You and your daughter are just so beautiful !
What a perfect picture.It looks like you had a sweet Halloween .Thank you for sharing !
Emma in Norway

Mackenzie said...

You two look so adorable together. Congrats on a dress well executed. I bow to your great sewing prowess. I am so jealous!

Ann Marie said...

I LOVE LOVE her costume!
Don't lose it! I may have to borrow it one day! ~ You were the perfect Caroline as well.. *sigh* I love Little House.

I'm so proud of your accompishments.. and the fact that you stayed at it! Way to go!!

We are up for tonight! Call me a little later and we can work out the details! XO ~ Ann

Miss Megan said...

The costume turned out great! Good work mom, and I love that you were inspired. Don't you just love a good deal? Happy Halloween. Oh, and P.S. It's actually Ingalls. ;) (Thought you'd like to know)! xoxo

Heather said...

I love your costumes! You did a wonderful job! Shealer looked so adorable. I am glad you had a great Halloween. Ours was fun! I love Halloween.

JENNIFRO said...

Oh my gosh!!! Good for you! I am so amazed you took it upon yourself to make her costume and she looked cuter than ever--I would love one of my girls to be Laura! Way to go! That is a darling pic of you two btw..

Great wig! Holy huge braids!

Me said...

The costume turned out really cute. I love it. It sounds like you guys had a great Halloween.

Jayne Layne said...

I can't believe how PRECIOUS your little Shaeler looks!!! The costume turned out BEAUTIFULLY!!! You are VERY talented! And, who wouldn't want to be Ma Ingalls, she set the standard so high for we women folk! Good job!!


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