Monday, November 16, 2009

I Will Always Be Obsessed With Him!

I wanted to take some time today to express my love, appreciation and affection for my husband. I truly am so blessed to have my best friend with me for the eternities.

This last weekend as Brian and I were being interviewed, the Stake President always asks if he is a good husband and father? Does he treat me well and honor his priesthood?

Due to the recent events in our lives, I wanted to do the "Tom Cruise Jump on the Couch" and declare my love for him. Alas, it was not appropriate at the time, so I summed it up with the word "Absolutely!" If he really wanted the details, I would have given him the following list:

1. He makes me laugh all the time. I told him recently that not a lot of people know how funny he is ALL the time. He just stays quiet and usually I am the only one who gets in on the good stuff.

2. He snuggles with my daughter at night until she falls asleep. Not completely sold on this, seems I get jealous of his attention to her, but I admire that he is taking the time to be an excellent father with her. My problem is I have to try really hard to stay awake until he comes in. My head hits the pillow and I am out like a light.

3. He honors his priesthood and he has a good heart. There have been so many times that I have needed a blessing and I know that I can rely on him to give it. He strives everyday to be a good man to honor such priveledge, however the funny thing is, he doesn't have to try that hard. He is a naturally good man who cares for others.

4. Everyday his resevoir of faith gets deeper and deeper. He gave a talk yesterday in a different ward and Shae and I went to support him. He is not a fan of public speaking, but in all honesty who is? I am suprised every day that his depth of knowledge and faith gets deeper and deeper. I am so thankful to have a man in my life that is not distracted with the shallow things of this world. He puts in the time and work to fill his resevoir with water that makes him a deep thinker and a good man of faith.

5. We are in this together. Since the day that I married Brian, we have rarely been apart. Either we get assignments to do together or we support it each other to the best of our abilities when we have to venture out on our own. I cannot express to you the joy that brings to my life. He is everywhere I am and I wouldn't have it any other way. My best day would involve him with me the entire day.

6. He is real and he is mine. There are times in my life that I reflect back when I first met Brian and feel so overwhelmed that he did really end up with me. I know that God put Brian in my life at a specific time for a specific purpose. We may get flack that I was 13 and he was 17, but looking hind sight, it had to be that way.

7. He always loves me! I appreciate the way he treats me and helps me with my responsibilities. He knows my weaknesses and he wants to help me be a better person. I love that! It's not that he doesn't accept me, its just that he knows that I want to be a better person and he wants to help me get there. He has defined for me unconditional love.

I Love You Brian!! Thank you for all that you do for me! Whatever lies before us will be wonderful because I will have you by my side!


Mackenzie said...

What a fantastic post!!!!

Mom of twins ♥ said...

Ditto to Mackenzie's comment!

Cherie said...

Very sweet! You sound like you have a wonderful man there! You can't ask for more than that :D

Cherie said...

P.S. When my husband was called as the Bishop a few months ago the Stake President was interviewing us and he asked me to bear my testimony about my husband.
Wow - that really took me off guard. It was a neat experience.

This is what YOU did here :D

Ann Marie said...

I am grateful you feel it.. and you have declared it! ~ Awesome.

Brian is a good-good guy. I am grateful he is one of Chad's very best friends. He makes Chad happy.. and that makes me Happy. :)

haylie said...

i triple-dog dare you to jump on the couch next time and slip brian a camera so he can take a few shots to post on your blog.
you are sweet to write this about your hubby, i enjoyed reading it :)

Lisa said...

A great post. It's nice to know that good marriages are alive and well.

Heather said...

Wonderful post!

I am glad you have such a great priesthood holder for your companion.


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