Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Bad Day Doing Mary Kay

I am very intrigued by your answers to the first two stories.

Were you right? or Were you Wrong?

To continue on with my Blog-Anniversary game, I give you my 3rd story.

Long, long ago in a completely different time, I was a Mary Kay Director. Yup, I had the Red Grand Am and a purple suit. Part of my responsibilities as a director is to teach classes (skin care or make up) and help my team in their businesses. One of my favorite things to do was go to the homes of women and teach them how to apply make up in a professional manner.

I took my job very seriously. I would go over to Barnes and Noble and buy books about make up application from Bobbi Brown and Kevin Aucoin. I hated to sell the make up, but I loved to put it on other woman. And woman were receptive to me coming to their homes to do a make over. Free Makeover was an easy booking.

I did have one customer that was a complete nightmare from the beginning.

I arrived at this girl's house about an hour before the rest of her friends would come over for a skin care class. My mission was to make the hostess look gorgeous so others would see my work and want to buy my stuff. She was the nicest ever, however her family was not happy that I was there. Especially her mother. As I walked into the kitchen to set up my stuff, her mother walked past me and under her breath was saying insulting things and calling me a Mary Kay Stalker. She went down the hall and turned into one of the bedrooms. I was relieved because that type of attitude was not going to help my sales that night.

I began to clean the face of my sweet hostess and her face turned bright red because of an allergic reaction to the cleanser. I was like "Oh No!" How do you stop this! We placed her face under warm/cold water to relieve the sting and wash the cleanser off of her face. Luckily she did not cry out, or I was afraid the mother was going to come and hurt me for turning her daughters face red. We were able to get the burn to stop, but the bright red face was here to stay.

No problem, we will just add foundation. Sadly, the foundation only turned her face pink instead of red, but we were running out of time before her friends were coming over, so we moved forward. As I was applying the highlighter, midtone and contour colors to her eye lids, her mother peeks her head out the door and yells down the hall that her daughter looks like a hooker! I wanted to yell back "Take's one to know one!" but kept my cool and thanked her for her constructive criticism. WHERE DID THIS WOMAN COME FROM, HONESTLY!!

To ease up on the hooker look, I decided to do a paler lipstick instead of a bright berry or red. I didn't want to fulfill the label her mother so fully shared with us. My poor sweet friend well, it was not my best work. But what could I do? I applied a more brown tone blush to tone down the pink hue. It helped a little bit, but the pink face was here to stay.

Her face was not going to be my best selling point and I certainly did not want her to be embarrassed. So I had her look in the mirror and she had that sort of SHOCKED look in her eyes. I think to make me feel better she said it was beautiful and laughed at her pinkness of her face.

Her friends arrived all staring at their friend in the pink face! Oh, I felt so bad! She took it like a trooper and thanked each friend for coming. So we walked into the kitchen to begin the class. I passed out my thank you gifts and handed out my warm wash cloths to wipe their faces. I found that if you get a wash cloth wet, microwave it for 2 minutes and then place in a cooler, it will stay warm for hours. The ladies loved getting a hot wet towel, much like you do on the airlines. Do they still do that?

As I am teaching the skin care class, I feel a funny sensation around my waist. As I take my first step to walk around (I like to move around when I speak) my panty hose slipped down my legs around my ankles. FOR THE LOVE!! The elastic waistband ripped and I now had pantyhose around my ankles. NICE!!

I excused myself to go to the bathroom and luckily had a safety pin to pin my nylons to my skirt. As I was collecting my dignity in the bathroom, my hostess with the mostest used the opportunity to feed her guests some treats she had made earlier. I came out of the bathroom and now I was the one with the red face. I pulled myself together and continued on with the class. At the end of each class, we always talked about the opportunity for someone who may want to join the Mary Kay team and start selling skin care and make up just like me. As I am giving this part of the class, Bitter Betty leans around the door again and yells down the hall "It's a cult!" and then hid back in the room with the door slightly closed. At that point I was ready to run down the hall and half nelson the woman, but do to my lack of support in the pantyhose area, I just stood there. Plus I didn't want to give the woman ammo about my weak link in the pantyhose area.

The class ended and due to the allergic reaction of my hostess due to the skin care, I had no sales from that class. Trying to keep my composure together, I slowly cleaned up my supplies and putting things away so I could go home and die. The hostess was trying to make me feel better by saying that her friends were cheap and she really liked how I applied the make up to her eyes. As we were cleaning up, guess who decides to join us?

Bitter Betty from the dark domain.

She could see from my face that my class was a complete bomb and was most pleased with the results. At this point, I could not clean up fast enough to get out of there. Betty decides to start asking me for samples to use for herself. I snapped that I was all out and would have to send her some later. She then proceeds to laugh in my face and then walks back down the hall laughing as she enters her room.

I drove home humiliated and never wanting to call that girl again. Turns out a few days later, the girl called me and said she wanted to join my team and sell Mary Kay and her mother loved the color samples I sent her. Funny thing, I sent her all the colors I thought a hooker would wear! Who knew?

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Jenice Henrie said...

I have no idea true or false, but if true, my heart goes out to you for sticking in there. I do know that those were some very tough years and took a big toll on you.

Miss Megan said...

I cannot see you selling Mary Kay! I am going to have to do a no on this one. P.S. I have a bunch of Kevin Aucoin books at my house - I love what he does to faces!

I'm probably wrong, but oh well.

NutMeg said...

P.S. Did you really write dehydrated urine on my blog?! LOL!

Mackenzie said...

I am gonna have to go with a yes on this one.

Those were tough years!! Yay that we made it through and are better women because of them! (Hopefully.)

Jek said...

i say yes, but am hoping for your sake the story was made up!!! Nightmare women do exist though. I do hair.

Cherie said...

This is a tough one. I actually know someone this happened to.
My neighbor was the Primary President a few years ago and had a MK party. She had an allergic reaction to the make up and her face turned red and swelled for about 2 days. Her party was on a Saturday night and being the trooper she was she came to church the next day with no make up on and a red puffy face.
It was definately not a good thing for MK in our ward!

JENNIFRO said...

This was AWESOME!!!!! True or not you had me hooked-- at HOOKER! No joke I just chuckled over and over throughout the whole thing! I hope like heck it's true because it's one fantastic story! I loved this post...just what I needed tonight. ; )

I vote: TRUE.

Small House said...

Can't be true!! Don't they drive pink cadilacs???

I've posted the true or false answers, but I closed my eyes through them so I still don't know if this is true or false. HAHAHAHA


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