Thursday, January 28, 2010

I attended 2 High Schools at the same time, and I can PROVE IT!

Alas, here we are the 4th and final story for my Blog Anniversary game! Some of you are doing very well, some not so much! This has been a lot of fun for me and some of the feedback I have been getting is that you have enjoyed yourself too!!

Just so you know, when we are all happy, my cup runneth over!

I give you the 4th Story:

I think I may be the only person in the world who may have pulled this little stint off. As I was heading into high school from my junior high years, I was also preparing for college. My baton twirling coach had come to Utah to twirl for the University of Utah marching band and wanted me to fill her shoes.

The high school I would normally go to, did not have a marching band. Hence for me to be offered a scholarship at the University of Utah, I would need experience with a marching band.

My mom was a teacher at another local high school and their school had a marching band. The logical answer was to enroll me in the school where my mom taught and I could just ride to school with her everyday and obtain the experience I needed. It was a great plan and I was super excited!

For the first time, I was going to be the new kid in the school. Of course I was sad to say goodbye to my life long school buddies, but I love a challenge and I love a new adventure. This was going to be awesome!

School started and the stark reality of I KNEW NO ONE, set into the tender heart of a 15 year old girl. After the first day of school, I sulked back up to my moms classroom and cried. This was the hardest thing I have EVER done in my life. I wasn't part of any group and it is not typical for other 15 -17 year old kids to say, "hey!! You're new!! lets be friends!?" (my words of course.)

So, after a good pep talk from my parents, I decided that I would make the best of it. I tried talking to people in my classes and I made 2 friends. 1 was a girl from my gym class who was the same grade I was and another friend I made in my seminary class. Ok, school was starting to get a little bit better.

My friend from gym class was very nice to me and we had gym and lunch together. However this tender friendship did not last long after repeated lunch conversations about how her 21 year old boyfriend would sneak over to her house late at night and climb into her bedroom window so they could sleep together. Ughh and Eww!

My other dear friend Amber was very sweet and a very good friend, but we only had one class together and seminary was the only time of the day I would see her. Plus we had a seminary teacher that absolutely did not like ME! Why, I cannot tell you, but he called me a liar and tried to get me in trouble with the school for sluffing. For the record, I did neither! So I had her there with me, but I had to deal with the seminary teacher at the same time! Grr!

By the middle of the year, announcements were being made that a brand new high school would be opening up and students at my moms high school would have to leave and go to the new school. Parents and students were not happy about this and so they were trying to get permission to keep them there at the current school. The district decided to make students go to the school they are assigned to.

I had to make a decision. Stay where I was at and fight to stay or go home to the school I was suppose to go to. I am not one that likes to give up, however my feelings of loneliness and rejection were fulfilled of disappointment and regret! So I headed home and went back to the high school I was originally intended to go to.

So, here's the catch! I now had a student number for two high schools. I had my year book picture taken at my moms school before the year started. As I went back to my high school, I had missed the pictures for the year book pictures. However, because I was there half a year, I did get my picture in the year book in one of those miscellaneous shots. So my sophomore year, my picture was in 2 separate high school year books. It was AWESOME!

My junior year, I had my pictures taken by the photographer that the school makes us go to which I always hated the quality and back drop of this photographer. My school picture was an important picture because my parents would put these shots on display in our home. If you walked in the door into our living room, you saw our pictures. As I looked back at my moms school photographer's pictures, I liked it so much better. So I had an idea that I could use my old school number, get my pictures taken at my moms school's photographer for the family display picture and then not order any prints from the photographer I didn't like. This was a brilliant plan.

To my surprise as I was going through my mom's year book, BAM! There was my picture for my Junior year. They thought I was still a student and put me in the year book. So now, my Junior year, my picture was in both year books again.

Well, we are on a roll, so might was well try it again for my Senior year! And guess what?


I can proudly say that I have my picture in all 3 years of 2 separate high schools. NOW, how many people do you know who have pulled that off in their life time? Dare I say, NO ONE!!
Is this story true or false? Go vote on the left hand side bar!
Good Luck!
Results will be posted tomorrow!


Mom of twins ♥ said...

Suz, I am so glad that we were able to meet at WJ and so glad that we had seminary together and could deal with that terrible teacher who did not know what he was talking about!! Good thing they let us both transfer out of his class to a better one! :)

I still remember you always buying me that good smelling Victoria Secret lotion for my birthdays! LOL. Your awesome and I am always grateful we became friends. :)

Cherie said...

OK I went to 14 different schools growing up - including 5 different High Schools and I never even did this. Quite the stunt

Kristen said...

Ahhhh! I just checked my yearbooks and I am seriously busting up right now! Ha! By the way, you were only three pictures away from Mark Hill - same row and everything. You guys were totally meant to be together.

Suzanne said...


Your not helping me in multiple ways! Ha!


Jenice Henrie said...

I am with Kristen. Didn't Mark have the same seminary class with you? Didn't he pass notes in in the piano bench? Ha, now I understand what you were saying on the phone last night. I know which story is false. I am sure that Mark has turned out to be a great adult, but I think that you married the person you were meant to marry. Did this help?

Jenice Henrie said...

BTW, didn't I go to the Seminary and bite off the head of the teacher?

marion said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Haley said...

Oh Suz! Not sure which stories are true or false, but they're hilarious! I didn't know you went so far in Mary Kay. What made you stop? I totally forgot that you went to West Jordan high school. I'm personally glad you came back to T-Ville.

Small House said...

I believe it! I had to go to a different school my Senior year because they split schools. I can totally see this happening.

NOW...I go find out if I'm right or wrong.


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