Sunday, January 3, 2010

Easy Bake....Schmeasy Bake!

Years ago, when I was a young tot, I remember wanting an easy bake oven. Oh, the joys of cooking on my own at the grown up age of 5.
I never had an easy bake oven, and cannot really recall why. Perhaps, my sister owned one and my parents felt that the first trial was enough, or perhaps my wishes and desires were never expressed verbally. I'm sticking with the second story.

As the month of December dawned upon us, we were down in St. George and Shaeler was able to sit upon Santa's lap at the mall, my ears tuned into the conversation she was having with the jolly old fella to see what she would be asking for her one gift from Santa Claus. Yup, you heard me right, Santa only brings one gift here at our house. Why should he be the one bringing multiple gifts and walking out the most popular guy on the day of Christmas? Pssh! No, thank you! Mom and Dad will take that credit and popularity vote, thank you very much!
Anyway, Shaeler leaned into the old man and whispered that she wanted a Strawberry Short Cake Easy Bake Oven. Really? Alright, I didn't know that Strawberry Short Cake was recently known for her culinary skills and Shaeler only watches PBS which has no commercials (hallelujah!), so I was a bit baffled at her request. However, I believe in the magic of Santa Claus and knew that he would fulfill her heart's desire.
Once Grandma Rentmeister heard of the request for the Easy Bake Oven, she decided to play her grandma card and override Santa's popular vote and therefore gave Shaeler and Easy Bake Oven for Christmas. (BTW- Strawberry Shortcake does not have one. Was ready to buy Strawberry Shortcake stickers if she noticed that the oven was not of Miss Cake's brand, however, Shaeler has not said a word. Phew!).
Tonight, Shaeler decided to cook for our family our Sunday dessert from her Easy Bake Oven. So, we plopped on her apron, she cooked and I assisted. Now, for those of you that are Easy Bake Oven virgins, such as myself, you learn quickly that the items being cooked are baked by a light bulb. Due to the intensity of the heat, portions have to be equally matched. Hence the cake she made tonight was the size of my palm. The other fabulous comment about the cake is that it was just add water, which made her cake shaped like a trampoline that was left out all winter and now permanently sags in the middle. And the taste, well......
So, I praised Shaeler for her baking accomplishments and Brian flipped over her cake and we watched as the entire cake was to be completely consumed by Shaeler. With Brian and I staring at our Sunday dessert being eaten by the 5 year old Easy Bake lover, I wrangled back the apron strings and made Milk Chocolate Cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting.
Take that Easy Bake!
I look forward to our future endeavors with the Easy Bake Oven. All in all, it really doesn't matter what Shaeler makes, the easy bake oven will have a home here because it is teaching my daughter how to bake and she feels accomplished when she is done.
Thank you Easy Bake!


The Dorsey's said...

Wasn't me, I never wanted one.

Morgan asked for one last year and I too was a virgin at cooking with a lightbulb. Luckily Brian was not(ok, I will stop laughing soon) and even knew I needed to get a special lightbulb before we started to put the oven together.

I'm glad Shaeler liked hers, hopefully you will get more use out of yours than we did.

Lisa said...

Cute. I bet she was adorable in her apron. Good memories of our girls with their easy bake ovens. Then they upgraded to a toaster oven.

Jenice said...

No one said a word to me.

Carrie said...

We got one for Alexis a few years ago and it broke in our move so she got a new one last year. I would rather have her help me make something. The mess is about the same. I just let her dump everything in the mixer and it is hers to claim. I like the idea that Santa doesn't get all of the credit. We are slowly phasing him out at my house too. My 3-year-old has no idea who santa even is. LOL!

Small House said...

I always wanted an Easy Bake Oven to. SO....I made sure my daughter had one. They are cute!! And speaking of cute, what a cute grandma you are.
Have a good day.

Joy For Your Journey said...

What a fun post!! My girls had an easy bake oven and we loved it. We had the most fun with it--although, as you said it doesn't make much at a time. Too bad we aren't still cooking in those portions, though. I wouldn't have to add "go on a diet" to my new year's resolutions. :-)

Heather said...

I always wanted one of those too. I had a used one giving to me but I never used it because I didn't have money to buy the little cake mixes and my mom thought the prices were ridiculous.

I think it is wonderful that you say it has a home because it is helping Shaeler to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

Didn't we ALL want an easy bake! Seriously I still kinda do! Cool that she got one and it sounds like it IS just the way I imagined it. Tiny, tiny cakes...that probably aren't too delish. Still, it's so fun to get what you want..... Fun for Shae!


Kris Doman said...

Kitty asked for an EBO and got a toaster oven. It is definitely for an older girl, but it is FANTASTIC! We get those little Jiffy mixes (like the cornbread and brownies) that cost around $.60, and she is happy as a clam baking, and we actually have enough to share after she's done. It does require a LOT of adult supervision, and she wants to use it every day for every meal, so it does have it's problems. Anyway, when Shae is old enough, I highly recommend the upgrade!


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