Monday, January 4, 2010

A Series of Flashbacks.....

Our wonderful next door neighbor always gives Shaeler the nicest Christmas presents. I am amazed at her generosity for my daughter. This year, she gave Shaeler a doll that when the doll touches her eyes, ears, mouth etc. she will identify that body part and also identify it in Spanish.

As I was clearing off Shaeler's bed to fold down her covers, this doll sweetly sits on top of her bed with 2 other choice stuffed animals that grace this holy spot on her pillow top.

I had a flashback to the dolls that I loved an adored as a child myself.

There was the My Child I named Roxanne!

The Strawberry Shortcake dolls who we always undressed and could never find their shoes.


Rainbow Brite and of course her horse!

I never owned a My Buddy or Kid Sister, but this song sure does stick in my head when I think of the dolls of my childhood.

Which then leads me to the staple dolls of the 1980's which would include the Teddy Ruxpin and the Cabbage Patch Dolls. I never owned an original CPK, because I was blessed to have my Cabbage Patch dolls made by my mother and grandmother. That in itself deserves it's own post. But what kid could resist this commercial and not want a Teddy Ruxpin, for crying out loud!

Which then reminds me of the creepy robot doll show I use to watch as a child.

Small Wonder!

Oh, C'mon!! You got to remember this little gem!

Yeah, I know I am weird!

Peace out!

What were some of your favorite dolls during your childhood?


Jenice said...

I thought that you loved Sister Sara. I can arrange for her to come and live with you. In fact, I believe I have to clean out a few things from Grandma's house when Darcy moves in. I am sure that Shaeler would love to see Sister Sara.

BTW-If you would have asked for an Easy Bake Oven, I am pretty sure that you would have had one. We pretty much tried to give you everything that you ask for.

Jenice said...

Do you have a cocoa baby cabbage patch doll? I can't remember if we ever made you one of those.

Carrie said...

Awww! I remember all of that stuff. So much cooler than all the junk out today. I use to watch Small Wonder. I saw that and started singing the theme song. Good thing my family is asleep. LOL! Thanks for the flashback.

heather said...

I loved the cabbage patch dolls. :)

And speaking of dolls, what has happened!? Over Christmas I actually made my way to the toy section because my nephew is old enough now to enjoy a toy & WOW. Most the dolls I saw looked like little plastic street walkers. One Barbie doll had tattoos plastered all over every inch of her exposed skin. I (very judgmentally) wondered what kind of mother would buy dolls like this for her kid?

Suzanne said...

Mom - I know you would have bought me the Easy Bake. I think I was just never really verbal about it. No worries! Yes, I have a cocoa baby!

Heather - Amen! Amen! Amen!


Mackenzie said...

I am glad to see you giving up some love for the Strawberry Shortcake dolls. They were the best.

I loved the CPKs. I had a couple that I loved dearly.

How about Herself the Elf? No one seems to remember her.

Mom of twins ♥ said...

I loved my Cabbage Patch dolls, Strawberry Shortcakes and my Rainbow Bright dolls. I totally forgot about the Kimberly doll until I saw that picture! I didn't have it, but my sister did! We really did have cool dolls and much better cartoons than the ones now days!

Mom of twins ♥ said...

Oh, and I just have to say about Mackenzie's post I totally loved my "Herself the elf" doll! I wonder if my mom still has any of those things still...

Suzanne said...

Apparently I missed out on the Herself the elf doll. Never heard of her before. Seems like she is very unappreciated! Sorry Herself the elf! -suzanne

Clarke and Kamie said...

MY CHILD!!!! Do you remember we had a birthday party for them??? Please tell me we were under 8. Seems like we may have been older? and I totally loved my teddy ruxpin.

Heather said...

I had a My Child. I also had homemade Cabbage Patch dolls from my grandma. I still have a Strawberry shortcake doll and a Pound Puppy that my grandma made me.

I always wanted the Cricket doll. Do you remember Cricket. She was a talking doll. She was around $200 dollars. No wonder why I never got her for Christmas.

I totally remember Small Wonder.

Thanks for bringing back the memories.

partii said...

Sweet post! I loved seeing all your dolls! And yes Small Wonder was part of our household too. That was one messed up show. Didn't you have a homemade Cabbage Patch like all the rest of us!?


Miss Megan said...

I had cabbage patch dolls growing up as well as a much-loved Teddy Ruxpin, but my favorites were Barbies. We had bins and bins and bins of Barbie stuff. Honestly, we were spoiled rotten on Barbies, and my sisters and I would spend hours playing with and going through all of our Barbie hoard. I look back now and wonder how my feminist mother could stand the sight of Barbie, but she let us have our fun and it was a great bonding time for me and my sisters!


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