Monday, January 18, 2010

The Girls Night Out and Kitty Litter

Today is my friend Kristen's Birthday! She turns the big 30!
Haylie and I decided that Kristen needed to be treated to a Girls Night Out for her birthday, in which we celebrated surprise style.
We kidnapped Kristen Saturday night and took her to her old employer, the Spaghetti Factory for dinner.

We had a super nice waiter that loved to tease. He had a special eye on my friend and it weirded her out. Every time he would come to the table, Amber and Haylie would place both hands on the table and look down to not make eye contact. It was HI-Larious to watch.

After dinner, we went back to Haylie's house to do what Kristen loves most: Guitar Hero/Rock Band.

We jammed the night away, and may I add, I am TERRIBLE on the drums. My score 8%

As you can tell we really rocked out while sitting down. We were so worn down.......
no really, we are all just old.

I post this picture because Becky and I were dying laughing because the song that was chosen had lyrics about slamming her body down. She got all blushed and I accused her of crude content.
So, Kristen has a great sense of humor. We get our chuckles over the dumbest things. I texted Haylie the day before Kristen's party and said "Should I make a regular cake or Kitty Litter cake to go with Kristen's Baskin Robbins Pie?"
She said Kitty Litter!
So, I made the cake and Kristen said it was disgusting!

Nobody really wanted to eat it!


I thought it was delicious!


Jenice Henrie said...

What is the receipe for the Kitty Litter cake?

Suzanne said...

German Chocolate Cake
White Cake
Vanilla Oreas
Vanilla Pudding
Tootsie Rolls

Joy For Your Journey said...

I just read your recipe!! That sounds so tempting. Can I get the instructions as well?

Looks like you had a very fun night. I love being with girl friends. There is something so replenishing about it.

Small House said...

Friends...Spaghetti Factory...Guitar Hero....does it get better than that? OH YES IT DOES....Kitty Litter Cake YUM!! I think I need to make one of those.

Queen "B" said...

first I want to say that the "30's" are awesome...she's a kitten!! which brings me to the kitty litter cake!! I have to say that is a first for me!!!, I thought I had seen it all! but you got me! Crack me up! you go girl, so glad all was fun, Birthdays wishes from across the sea

Mackenzie said...

Looks like a great night!!!
I haven't seen that kitty litter cake before. It made me laugh out loud! I might need the full recipe too.

haylie said...

i think i just threw up in my mouth when i saw that last picture.
ha ha!

i thought it was good. it's still sitting in my fridge if you want to come over and have some chow.

i had a blast! we should do it again!

Kristen said...

let me clarify: the cake looked digusting, but tasted delicious. you totally did a great job making it look like kitty litter!

thank you for such a fun night out! you gals are so thoughtful.

i'm with Haylie - again! again! let's see what other cake concoctions you can come up with... :)

Suzanne said...

Don't tempt me Kristen, I have quite the imagination! I say, game on with another night out! -Suzanne

Heather said...

I love playing Rockband. Looks like you had a lot of fun. I love the cake. Sounds yummy!


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