Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's a Cold Night, Cowboy!

What to do on a cold January night?
And I mean cold, as in 15 degrees cold!
We go watch Bowler Boys rope cattle!!
From what I understand, the cowboys gather together in the winter and practice their roping skills in an indoor arena. We were invited to come along and be the cheering section.
Brian was able to get a ride in before the competition began.

This shot makes me laugh. See the 2 men on the horses in front of Brian. That's Randy and Lynn and they are both texting on their cell phones! Geez, can't a man ride a horse in peace?

Shaeler and Alpine watching the cowboys do their thing. Normally I would have a shot of the cowboys doing their "thang" but they came out blurry and terrible.
We laughed the entire night because the announcer would announce what riders would be going in what order and it was like this:
Randy and Shayn
then we'll have Lynn and Randy
then we'll have Shayn and Lynn
then we'll have Shayn and Randy
then we'll have Shayn and Shayn???
No just kidding! I swear their were 12 cowboys total but the Bowler boys were always up. Which kept us (the cheering section of 3) up on our toes!

Afterwards, Shaeler was able to get a ride on the horse Smokey. (I think that's her name. Kristen?)
Could not get the child to get off the horse, at all!

Brian and Randy doing what cowboys do best! Shooting the bull!
Get it! Ha ha! No there were no bulls there! Steers, I think! You know the little mini cows with horns!

Shaeler and Alpine!

No, baby! I cannot get you a horse..........yet!


The Dorsey's said...

Shae looks like a natural on a horse, I bet she had a ball. Why are you not on a horse?

I love the two guys txting while riding....LOL!

<3 Janet

haylie said...

that hot cowboy on the right was texting me...
i'm sure of it

i'm sad we missed coming to this lovely roping event. i totally miss the smell of steamy horse urine.

i loved the story of you making lunches for shaeler. i'm going to buy stickers tomorrow. and i'm going to give one to eden :)

Kristen said...

lol @ haylie's comment. she's right - horse urine and horse sweat. yum. and look at the influence of eden! does she know we all love her this much?

Shayn's horse is Smoke, you pretty much got it. So glad you guys came! It was fun - let's do it again, oh, say around February 25th. Good times.

also, I am honored to be your quote of the day!

Heather said...

How fun for Shaeler to ride a horse. That looks like it was a lot of fun.

That is funny those cowboys were texting while ridding.

Queen "B" said...

68 degrees in Hawaii and they had sweaters on tonight! makes me giggle...love the cowboys and the horses...OK I love the Horses most, I have had horses most of my life, except for my time here in Hawaii, I have my saddle and my boots! Another season in time I guess...
sending you some warmth from across the sea


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