Friday, January 29, 2010

You Can't Handle the Truth!

The day has come that the stories are done and I get to admit which stories are true and which story was false. Before I reveal the secrets, I want to thank all of you who voted and took time to read my stories everyday. I know some of you do not comment, but I was surprised by the amount of votes I was getting for the game. I just want to say that I am so glad you come by to my little corner of the internet to see my life happenings. Thank you!

Now, as you have all been waiting for:


Story #1: Lady MacGyver


No other comment at this time other than refer back to advice at the end of the story!

Story #2 Witch Hunt and Fire Batons


Remember the pin I stole for memorabilia? There it is. I dug through my basement to see if I could show you my fire batons too , but they are buried somewhere. Another day I will have to whip those bad boys out!

If you want to see a trailer for the movie, go to Youtube and type in the search box:

HBO Witch Hunt.

It is kind of a creepy movie, so I give you that warning. No clue what it was rated!

Story #3: A Very Bad Mary Kay Day


Yes, I was a Mary Kay director with the Red Grand Am. The story that I told was a mix of different events that happened on different occasions, but not all in one night. And no, I would not send someone samples that I would feel a hooker would wear.

Story #4: 2 High Schools at the Same Time

Above: the year books and letterman jacket from the school I graduated from.
Below: the year books and letterman jacket from the school I attended where my mom worked.

I had a lot of fun telling you some of the crazy stories of my life. There is plenty more for tellin, but that will have to be for another time.

I thank you again for being my blog friends and that you come and visit me! I hope you continue to visit and feel free to drop a comment when you are inspired to do so!

Until then: Have a wonderful day!



Jenice Henrie said...

I have wondered if you kept both jackets. You never talked much about your MK experience, but I should have guessed. This was fun, I enjoyed looking back at your life.

The Dorsey's said...

The first two I knew were true, the third I wanted to be defiant/rebel so I put false and yesterday's I asked Robert what he thought.

That was a lot of fun. Thank you for brightening up my dreay litle week. <3 Janet

Carrie said...

I WAS RIGHT!!!!! Man, I feel special.

Cherie said...

I am brilliant!! Ha Ha

I guessed right and that first picture is really sick!! LOL

BTW you are great at telling stories - I am putting you in charge of crazy stories at the blog meet - hee hee. OH and also fire baton twirling but I already mentioned that!!

Small House said...

HEY...I got them all right!! COOL. But my reasoning for the MaryKay story was wrong. Hmmm...
Have a great day.

Miss Megan said...

Ha ha - YES! I was right!

Heather said...

I so want to see you twirl fire!! That is so awesome! I love your twirler jacket and now I know you went to Taylorsville. That is awesome you lettered in that.


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