Friday, February 12, 2010

Flashback Friday for Love!

Since Valentines Day is this Sunday, I wanted to post a journal entry I found last week while digging through my hope chest. I completely forgot that I had written this entry and so glad I did. So many details that both Brian and I had forgotten. All the more reason I am a huge advocate for journaling.
I give you my journal entry entitled:
The Engagement!

October 4, 1998

"The night before we went shopping at Harmons to get stuff for breakfast. We got strawberry syrup(for pancakes), snacks and ham. We wanted breakfast size hams and the lady cut steak size hams. Brian and I had a good laugh at the sounds of the machine cutting the ham. Brian had no money because we went to dinner and a movie that night, so he had to get another $20.00 from the bank. He had spent $60.00 that night, which was bad because we are trying to save money. The news kept announcing that it was going to snow Sunday morning, but Brian was persistant to go.

Sunday morning, I cleaned up not thinking to get too dressed up because we were just having breakfast and listening to conference. Brian arrived at 8:30 am and we packed and loaded up and left. We drove down to Draper/Riverton to the road that over looks the valley. We pulled over to start breakfast. Brian got out and tried to get the griddle lighted. I was so cold, so I sat in the truck and waved to passing bikers and trucks that passed us by. After a 1/2 an hour of trying, Brian finally gave up. We would just have to cook pancakes and ham back at Brian's house. We drank our Chug chocolate milk and ate neon sour gummy worms, crackers, cheese and beef jerkey.

We laughed, talked and listened to General Conference. We both kind of dozed off during one of the talks. At the end of conference, Brian said he wanted to hang around for a little bit. By now it was snowing! He started asking me questions about the future, kids, fights, etc. He then said he had a surprise for me and that I had to close my eyes.

I closed my eyes and could hear him pull something out of his jacket. He kissed me to let me know I could open my eyes. He reminded me of the night before that he told me that I couldn't take off my CTR ring unless he had something to replace it with. He then handed me the ring box and asked me if I would still marry him and that he had my replacement. I immediatley hugged him and didn't want to let go. I told him I loved him and asked him why he decided to propose in October instead of December? He told me that he made a quick decision to buy it and that it really didn't matter when we got engaged. We hugged and kissed and decided to head back to his house and have breakfast. He slipped the ring I picked out at Mike's Custom Jewelry the week before on my hand. I love Brian. He is just for me!"

I am extremely grateful that I wrote down all the details of the event. As I read over it almost 12 years later, I chuckle in that it was not the most romantic way to propose. But the funny thing is, it is SSOOO Brian and I. Trying to save money, Religion, making our own meal, chocolate milk, the CTR ring are all things that we do now. BTW - the CTR ring I still wear to this day on my right hand and my wedding ring on my left. That is the way he placed them and that is the way they will forever be.
Happy Valentines Day, my love!


Atherley Crack Ups said...

what a sweet memory-Lisa
what a nut, nut, nut-Bayli she was commenting on the picture:)

Lisa said...

aww cute! I love a good engagement story. What a good looking couple.

The Dorsey's said...

I love that story and it would be so much better with a nice picture...hint, hint.

OK, I can't take it! For the love of that is holy, give me that picture so I can photoshop my happy butt out of it!!

Happy Valentines Day! I love you guys so much!

{Mo} said...

What a fun memory. I too, can say I didn't get the most romantic proposal, but more than 14 years later, we are still together and happy and that's what trully matters, right?
Have a Happy Valentines Day!

Suzanne said...


Heck no I am not sending you that picture! I love it so much because of you in the background! Ha! It brings me great joy and I knew you were going to ask to photoshop it! LOL! I knew that was coming! - Suzanne

Mackenzie said...

That is so sweet! You two are a great couple!

I'd love to see the journal entry about Brian's truck and the slurpee sometime. ;)

Suzanne said...


I am floored you know about that! How did you know about that one?


marisa said...

I think I shed a tear it was so terribly romantic!

You should totally enter the competition my photographer friend Megan is doing, all you have to do is tell about your love story and where you would want your pictures taken for a free photography session. You are halfway there, nobody else has entered, you are sure to win! You can check out her blog for the rules, it is a couple posts down.

Heather said...

What a sweet engagement story! I love that you were going to cook breakfast outside in a picnic setting. Sorry the breakfast didn't work out but it doesn't matter. It was the thought that counted, how cute! Love the picture of you guys!

Mackenzie said...

Oh sweet shared the Slurpee story YEARS ago! I have a sneaking suspicion that the version you told us was edited. We want the whole scoop!


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