Monday, February 8, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I shouted for joy on Saturday, when I went and checked the BYU Women's Conference page. Registration has begun!

Oh, this has got me SO excited for April!
For indeed, April is most definately the most wonderful time of the year!

I am registered! Please come and join me!

Women's Conference: April 29-30, 2010


Joy For Your Journey said...

I loved women's conference last year--I had so much fun and it gave me a ton of stuff to blog about. But unfortunately I won't be going this year. I have to be in Colorado the next week and I can't leave my seminary class during the last two weeks of school two weeks in a row. Darn that duty! :-) I will be thinking of you though.

Cherie said...

I love Women's Conference everytime I go - it is so wonderful!!

I go every couple of years :D

Heather said...

I have never been but I bet it is wonderful. I would like to go sometime, when Ayla is a little older.


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