Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh yes, I did!

I Heart Young Women!

My Saturday was a most joyous day! It began with the Stake YCL breakfast. I was given the assignment from the Stake Camp Directors to go pick up 3 unsuspecting girls to take them to breakfast at the Stake Center. I debated back and forth on my approach on how to wake them. I decided to go for the approach of:

Knock, knock, knock on the bedroom door. Opening the door and telling the young woman I was looking for her and start singing "In the leafy tree tops the birds sing good morning!"

It's a classic approach, my dad use to wake me that way. Works wonders!
I then proceeded to tell them that I had my camera on me and they had 2 minutes to get dressed and out the door or I was taking their picture and pasting it on face book. All 3 girls made the deadline. Funny how easily coerced one is at the wee hours of the morning and not quite up to par. HA!!

We met together with all of the YW Stake leaders and the Stake YCL's. Oh, they were just lovely to look at!

See the woman in the back with the blond hair? That's Sister Monson and she is the Stake Young Women's President. When someone is a president of any organization in the church, it is perfectly fine to refer to them as President, in fact it shows great respect when you do so.

I get a real kick in saying that I serve with President Monson. Ha!
For breakfast the girls were give muffins and a yogurt bar!

MUFFINS!! Are like my favorite! These muffins were very small so they don't count in calories. You could eat 1 or 12. Didn't fact, they are more like muffin vitamins.

I felt like an astronaut after I ate them.

We also had a yogurt bar in which I was not able to get a picture of it when it was so beautifully displayed. We had 4 flavors of yogurt, granola, frozen fruit, and Oreo's! They did the Oreo's just for me because I gave a firm argument that Oreo's are essential in morning breakfast! Ha ha!

The new SYCL's played get to know you games and I took as an opportunity to document the experience.

What's that little one, trying to hide from me?


Yeah, I know you love my guts!

Nothing but happiness, messy hair and laughs early in the morning!

Thoroughly enjoyed the slippers. At first I thought they were really cute. But then my mind wondered to that book about the vampire bunny, what was that called again??

Yeah, if those slippers were mine, they would creep me out and be buried in the back of my closet.
What does one do when Young Women are talking when President Monson is speaking???
Take rapid pictures to bust them!

Hey Lady!!

Yeah, I am talking to you!!!

You are so busted!

And you love me for it!
I cannot express enough that when I am with the Young Women that my heart literally sings!
I feel extremely blessed to be able to expand my love for not just one ward, but seven awesome wards full of amazing young women and leaders.
Thank you! My cup runneth over!


Kristen said...

astronaut. love it!

Julie Harward said...

I can tell that you are a great YW's funny about the FB threat..yeah, that would work! But watch out, they can do the same ya know! LOL I have worked with YW on ward and stake levels all my life and for the last 7 years have been teaching 16-17 yr. olds in SS...I love being with the youth, respect them SO much!!! :D


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