Friday, March 26, 2010

Christ Centered Easter Day 1

Triumphal Entry

This year, we had to start our Easter week a little early because Shaeler will be visiting with her grandparents during her Easter break. So, we started things a bit early.
Day 1 is the triumphal entry of Christ
Shaeler loves this day as we act out the triumphal entry as a family. It went as follows:

"Jesus and his disciples were traveling to Jerusalem for the feast of the Passover. As they neared the Mount of Olives, Jesus sent two of his disciples to a nearby village, telling them that as they entered they would find a donkey and her colt. The disciples were to untie the animals and bring them to him If anyone asked why they were doing this, they were to say "The Lord hath need of them," and there would be no trouble."
(a disciple found the colt and is bringing him to the Lord)

"After the two disciples had brought the animals to Jesus, they laid clothing on the colt's back for Jesus to sit on."

(Laying clothing on the back)

"As Jesus rode the colt toward Jerusalem, large crowds of people gathered to honor him and to spread clothing and palm branches on the ground in front of him."

(A very happy colt!)

"The followers rejoiced and cried out "Hosanna; Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord." After Jesus entered Jerusalem, many of the people asked, "Who is this?" "This is Jesus the Prophet of Nazareth of Galilee," the multitude replied."

(Waving the Palm branches and shouting Hosanna!)

I love this activity because when we have finished the re-enactment, we sit down and talk about the word Hosanna! It translates into meaning "Save Now."
I just love the word Hosanna being called out to the Savior. It is a testimony of the Atonement, his divine mission and how grateful I am to know that he completed it for you and me. May my prayers always echo Hosanna in them every day.

Something I started new this year was a "LOA" poster.
My friend Becky came over and asked me why I had a poster on my fireplace that said "Laugh, Out loud, Again" on it. Becky is a texter, you see. Her brain, talks in text. I got a good laugh out of it and explained that it is a "Love One Another" poster and we have it up for the week to write love notes to each other. I have really loved having this up in our home. The sweet messages that are written everyday bring such a spirit of love and happiness in our home. Here are some of the writings on the first day:

I wanted to document that before we started, I explained to Shaeler we were going to put on the Triumphal Entry play tonight. This is the ensemble she chose to wear for her part. Not sure what the solid gold head band is for, but I could not stop laughing about it the entire night!

Because it was FHE, I also ventured into making a homemade strawberry pie from scratch. It was really good! My crust making skills need some work, but hey, it was my first crust!

That streak of strawberry standing straight up is actually from Brian pouring the strawberry filling onto the pie. I was taking a picture of it as he was doing it. Action shot! ha!


Ann Marie said...

I was wondering about the "dance attire" through the post.. ha-ha..

I am so happy for you! I know how much you love this holiday.. and you make the most out of it!!

Great FHE.. and the poster is cute!

That Strawberry pie looks delish!

See ya soon!

Atherley Crack Ups said...

mmmmm pie!

Lisa said...

What a cute play. I love the Love One Another poster too. I might be borrowing that idea. (:

Cherie said...

What a fun idea to reenact the triumphal entry. I can say I have not ever heard of anyone doing that. A great start to Easter for sure!!
Love your palm fronds!!

Too funny that Becky thought LOA was laugh out loud - that is totally what I would have thought too. Oh my are we ruled by texts now!! Funny! Great idea with the Love One Another poster though :D

Joy For Your Journey said...

Love it! We have friends who re-enact the week before Christ's death and resurrection as well. They have a great time cleansing the temple (act it out but also then clean their house) and for Christ washing the disciples feet they give foot massages to each other and then do a service project for someone in need. I think it sure makes the week memorable and meaningful. Good luck with all of that. I think it is a wonderful thing to do.

Heather said...

I love how much you love this holiday! It is the most precious one! I had no idea that Hosanna meant,Save Now! That is so beautiful!

I love Shea outfit! How fun for her!

I love the poster idea!

Your pie looks so yummy!


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