Sunday, March 28, 2010

Christ Centered Easter Days 2-4

Day 2 Christ Cleansing the Temple

Traditionally when we talk about Christ cleansing the temple, we start by cleaning our house. Alright!!!
After everyone has cleaned the house we gather and talk about our home being a temple and that it needs to stay clean and pure. What can we do to keep our home clean and pure?
Then we talk about our bodies being a temple. How can we keep them clean and pure?
Great discussion but I am very excited when Shaeler is a little bit older and can comprehend a little more as to why cleanliness and purity are so important for our temples.
Until then, I get a really clean house on Day 2.
After we tell the Eater Egg story. Each egg is filled with a scripture and an item that is symbolic of that scripture. The Easter Egg story is the story of the Savior's last days.

Egg 1 has 3 dimes to represent the 30 pieces of silver that Judas betrayed Jesus with.

Egg 2 is a cracker to represent the passover meal and the sacrament.

Egg 3 is a small cup to represent the Savior in Gethsamne and that he asks if it is possible that this cup shall pass from him? Not his will, but Heavenly Father's will be done.

I won't bore you with each egg but know that each egg is filled except the last one is left empty. Representing the Savior's resurrection.

Day 3: Parables

This is the part that I am completely honest and tell you that we were not able to do our activity for the evening. I was so upset with the entire day. I had to make caramel apples for the YW spaghetti dinner which takes 2 hours of my time. I did not get home from work on time, I was an hour late. The caramel was being extremely stubborn and nothing turned out pretty. I have caramel all over my floors, the cement outside, and white chocolate smeared on my cabinets and counter tops. I was planning on talking about the parables that the Savior taught, but time passed quickly and I ended up going to the spaghetti dinner with my hair pulled back and I was sad. Sad Looking, too!

So, I will show you the only thing that we got out of that day was our display of pictures of the Savior's mission on my mantle and the LOA board was filling up.

Day 4 More Parables and His Ministry

Day 4 we read books. We read the Reflections of Christ book, but instead this time I had Shaeler tell me what was going on in the story by the pictures. This was such a wonderful experience to hear her little testimony explain to me what she understands about what happened to the Savior in his final hours. She did a great job and she liked being the story teller.

We also talked about parables and how stories can teach us valuable lessons in our lives. One of our family favorites is the Parable of the Bicycle. We read this together as a family and I asked Shaeler to see if she could tell me what was the lesson from this book. Her answer was "Jesus loves me!" To which I replied: "That is absolutely correct!"

The Final 3 days will continue when we are reunited with our daughter later this week. I hope she is having fun with grandma and grandpa. We miss you Shae!


Heather said...

I love how you celebrate this holiday!

I just got the "Egg Resurrection." I have wanted it for a long time. One of my friends gave me a copy yesterday at church. I am so excited to have one. I am planning on sharing it with Kurt's family on Saturday. I love that Conference is going to be on Easter!

JENNIFRO said...

I am so glad you posted this. I just was thinking this morning (remember actually) that I wanted to do THIS year what you do EVERY year! Maybe I will get a jump on it in time. THANK YOU! Hope you are having a nice spring so far... I've been in and out and lame on the blog but it's always so nice to catch up on your happenings. love ya!

Julie Harward said...

You are such a the ideas here! I miss having my kids small to do all this! :D

Cherie said...

Can we come to your house next year! I have to admit I have never been a fan of the Easter Holiday. Don't get me wrong I love our Savior - I love remembering the Atonement and what Easter, really, means but it always seem so caught up in the bunny and the worldly stuff that it makes me crazy.
BUT....I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the activities you are doing with sweet Shaeler and only wish I would have thought of these things when my kids were little. I will have to remember for the future.
You did inspire me to have and Easter FHE tonight and it was wonderful - we had a great discussion about the events leading up to the Atonement. It was quite lovely.
You are a fantastic mom and a wonderful inspiration!

Cherie said...

I hope you have a Wonderful Easter Suzanne! I so wish you were going to be in town this weekend!!

We will meet in October :D

Me said...

I remember that you and your family are really into Easter. I think that is really cool too.

Thanks for reminding us all what Easter is about and sharing a few of your great ideas with the rest of us.

And it was fun to see you last week. It's been too long!


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