Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Faith is like a seed!

Yes, this was taken 6 days after I planted the little babies!! Amazing what can happen in just a few short days. I ran to Marisa and gleefully exclaimed "Coach! My seeds sprouted!" To which she replied "What did you expect when you plant a seed in dirt?"

Her reply caught me off guard. Silly really. What was I expecting?

I reflected back over my 3 years of back yard gardening and thought of all the seeds I have ever planted. Some would sprout, some would not. I always had this expectation that the seeds that didn't sprout did exactly as I expected them to do because I planted the seeds with my novice experience and would ruin them somehow. The ones that did sprout, it was some sort of miracle or something.

Why shouldn't the seed sprout? The seed was not created to remain a seed. It has so much more potential than that, and it was created to fulfill it's creation. Yet my faith in the seed was pretty much non existent.

"Ye of little faith!" I say to myself.

The seed will sprout because it was meant to. I just needed to provide the right environment and nurture the seed until it was ready to break out. That was the difference between then and now. I was taught that not only do I have to have faith in the seed, but to also I have to put in a little extra work and ALL the seeds will sprout.

The phrase "Faith without works is dead" has taken on a whole new meaning.

My thoughts these past few days have been on a friend of mine. She is a lovely women and certainly is kind and generous. Yet there are aspects in her life that she is so hard hearted and stubborn that it affects all around her. It saddens me a bit to think that with that power that she has on others she doesn't realize the lives that she is affecting. I am not here to judge her on what she is doing, but hoping that things will change in the near future.

We are doing a fast for this woman this coming fast Sunday. We along with others are hoping that through our fast that we can turn to the Lord and ask him to please help her and soften her heart. To forgive, to heal, to love, to hope and to be selfless. We have done everything that we can think of and now the only thing we have left is to plant our seed of faith that the Savior can help her.

I have often asked myself "Do you really think the fast is going to help?"

In which the reply comes quickly "What do you expect when you plant a seed?"

And I can't help smiling as I look at my little seeds that have sprouted!


Mackenzie said...

Your little plants are SO beautiful!!!

I love your point: It is a seed's purpose to sprout! I need to have a bit more faith when planting my seeds this year.

Carrie said...

look at you! those look great! thanks for being the sunshine on my faith a little today too!!!!

Renee said...

Suzanne!!! Thanks for that wonderful insight!! I need to let my seeds of faith sprout!

marisa said...

Will you be my "life coach" and just follow me around and inspire me all day? I'm going to use your analogy tonight at YW, as well as with my kids.

Your seeds look great, make sure you turn them around so they grow straight up, it looks like they are reaching for that sunlight.

Me said...

Thanks for the offer, but I don't need a fast!

Kimmie said...

YAY for your seeds sprouting!

It is still not warm enough to start seeds in Idaho, but I can't wait to start my own.

Such a great analogy you gave...you have such great insight on life and I love your perspective!

I am enjoying seeing my Amaryllis plant grow that was given to me a month ago. It was just 2 inches tall and now the leaves are over 12 inches tall and the flower stock should be blooming in the next week.

There is nothing more exciting then watching things grow, whether it be seeds, plants, trees, or people!

I bet your plants are twice as big as they are in these photos. Enjoy your afternoon!


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