Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Things that have made me giggle lately...part 4

I wanted to highlight some of the things that are making me giggle with glee this past week. So here we go!

#1. Storage room is getting closer to being finished!

I cannot wait for this room to be done. It will be major organization of our basement stuff and shelves, oh the beautiful shelves. I also giggle with glee because that stinkin sheet rock is hung. Brian thought I should be his BIG helper in hanging it, and it was the closest time in my life that I almost said foul language. I did get an "I Hate You!" as I was balancing an 8ft sheet on my head, which I recoiled and apologized to my husband later that evening. Ha!

#2. Shaeler's night stand!

Found this little beauty at a yard sale last year. Brian sanded it and it has been sitting in my garage for over the winter. Finally last Saturday, Shaeler begged and pleaded to buy pink paint to paint her night stand and Brian gave in. She is so excited to display her favorite tea set, her Subway Angelina Ballerina toy and a 2nd place trophy that she did not win. Well if you call "hey we have extra trophies, do you want one?" a win, then so be it! Kristen took me on my first adventure to IKEA and I bought Shae the little white lamp for $5.00. I bet $15.00 that the stand and lamp will be destroyed in one year. Any takers?

#3. Springy's (head)dress
Shaeler is really big into dressing ALL of her dolls in pretty dresses lately. Springy the bunny was lucky to get a barbie dress that barely fits over her. Lucky thing, her ears fit through the arm holes of the dress and she has not complained about the constrainment of the rest of the dress, but I busted out laughing this morning to see the plastic thunder bolt coming out of her head. Almost looks like a native american head dress with the feather. Man, that kid makes me laugh!

#4. Being paid by Hello Kitty dishes and called the spawn of satan!
Last night we drove out to Eagle Mountain to visit my dear friend Mackenzie. It was my first trip to the far away land, actually, it really isn't that far away at all. Our purpose of our visit was to help with an electrical problem and they also wanted to feed us dinner and visit! Mackenzie was so sweet and gave Shae a Hello Kitty bowl to take home. They offered to pay Brian for his service and I said that the Hello Kitty bowl was payment enough. Although I may make you pay dearly for calling me the spawn of satan. You knew this was coming! Ha!

#5 The Evil Grasshopper Cookies are GONE!
I am playing a game with a bunch of my friends to see who can lose the most weight over and 8 week period. I was super excited to do this because I do have a very competitive side to myself. Haylie and Kristen are in too! All was going well, I was down a half a pound and Sunday evening I get a knock on my door. It was Kristen with a box of one of my favorite cookies. I call foul play here! She is trying to sabatoge me! PUNK! So, I slipped her 2 of her favorite candy bars yesterday. She wants to play dirty, I can get dirty. Thankfully, the evil cookies are gone (which Brian and Shae had most of) and I can now focus on eating my delicious fruits and veggies! YAY!!

So, what makes you giggle lately?


Julie Harward said...

Love the night cute! I am happy over the fact that we are getting another grand child..a little girl! Come see :D

Mackenzie said...

Dear Spawn of Satan,
I love you and had a great evening with you and your family.
And will continue bribing you to come over with Hello Kitty stuff.

Cherie said...

Spawn of Satan?? Ha Ha Ha

I love your basement storage room - that is going to rock!! So jealous!!

OK I had a good giggle (Ok seriously we could not stop laughing!) when right before Taylor's baseball practice I gently reminded him to wear his cup and he said "I tried but it doesn't fit!" -Then he turned completely red - it was SO funny! Sorry if that was TMI - but...funny!

Joy For Your Journey said...

I love the night stand as well. Very cute. And I am laughing over the diet competition. My niece just posted a blog entry similar about how she and her friends keep trying to sabotage each other. Something seems very wrong here, don't you think?:-)

JENNIFRO said...

That was cheery! I love the pink dresser and am VERY jealous you are making progress with your project. AND more than impressed you've never used foul language--WOW!!! Hello kitty makes me giggle actually. Jill and i used to spend all our money in the Hello Kitty story in Vegas...we could never get enough of that place! Crazy it's still going strong!

{Mo} said...

Wahoo for storage! I need to get some work done in mine....but not today!

The night stand turned out DARLING! I love..... so cute and girlie! and I'm loving the Hello Kitty bowl is so cute!

Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog.... I've been a slacker blog reader lately, but I'm going to do better!

Heather said...

That foul is hilarious. That is the best way to get people to lose at losing weight, pure genius. I love that you gave her candy bars. Way to go on not eating too many cookies.

Way to go on helping with the sheet rock. That would be a lot of work.

I love the nightstand. Too cute!

Jenice Henrie said...

I loved the night stand and the lamp. I am sure that it will be just fine in one year.


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