Monday, March 22, 2010

Highlights of my Weekend!

I had a fabulous weekend! I hope you all did too! I want to document for my blog book what a typical weekend looks like now in our home.

We love going to the temple!

I get asked a lot during YW lessons how I prepare for the Sabbath. That's easy, we always go to the temple.

Getting my rear kicked when I work out with Alan!

Saturday we ran on the grass in a big open space in my neighborhood. Yup, lots of people saw us and I felt awesome. Especially the part where Brian had to lay down because he was going to throw up.

Eating in and Chillaxin with friends!

Kristen called me and said she won a free pizza party, compliments of DiGiorno Pizza. She invited us for free dinner over at their house. But of course, we had to accept. Nothing beats a free meal and hanging out with friends watching children play and nobody has to pay for a babysitter. I could do it every weekend. Thanks for the beads, pizza, bread sticks and ice cream. However, next time it has to be at our house.

Listening to Sheri Dew!

I love to hear Sheri Dew talk. Which is getting harder and harder to do here in the state of Utah. She spoke last night in my city and so a bunch of us got together to listen to her speak. We showed up an hour and a half early so we could get great seats. I don't mind one bit, I just get to sit and chat with my friends, this is a win/win situation here.

Sister Dew talked about the power and influence of a righteous woman. It was amazing! Some of my favorite quotes of the night were:

"None but Saints can be happy in every circumstance." -Eliza R Snow

"Why is life not easy? Because Salvation does not come at a cheap price!" Jeffrey R Holland

"Do Not injure the character of anyone!" Joseph Smith Jr.

The most interesting thing she talked about is how the adversary is attacking women and his specific ways of wrecking their mission. He does this by:

1. Getting women to squabble, judge, gossip and degrade each others character.
2. Confuse women about their identity and their relationship to God.
3. Confuse women about the Atonement.
4. Make sure that women never receive personal revelation.

I had some deep spiritual epiphanies last night about the things she talked about. She encouraged all of us to live a life a purity and that really hit home with me. I am going to focus on #1 for a little while. I got a 2x4 hit in the head with that one, and so I am focusing on nothing but praise and love of others. Not only am I going to strive for a purer home, purer body and mind but also a purer mouth.


Mackenzie said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend to me!!

Lisa said...

I love a good Sheri Dew talk too. Sounds like you had a full and fun weekend.

Ann Marie said...

I'm glad something good was happening on Sunday among all of the other crazy-ness!!

I love all of the quotes.. and agree with all that she said. I can see it.. and how it has affected me the last little while personally.

Thanks for sharing! I hope you have a great week!

Carrie said...

I am putting Elder Holland's quote on my Fridge! Wow! That one struck a chord with me. Glad you had a wonderful weekend. Thanks for sharing. I think I needed to hear some of the things that you said.

Cherie said...

What a great weekend!
I love Sheri Dew. Got to talk to her after she spoke at Time Out for Women a few years ago - She is such a neat lady. Always has a great message. Thanks for giving us an outline of what you learned. I am with you on #1 I could do better on that too!!

And you are a runner - Well aren't you the - Way to go!!!

Joy For Your Journey said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend! Mine was good too, but not quite that busy. What fun to hear Sheri Dew talk. I always found her talks to be so up lifting--and inspiring. Thanks for sharing the quotes.

JENNIFRO said...

That's lucky you got to hear her. She's wonderful.. the quotes were great and her four points at the end, really insightful. Glad you posted this. I've missed you!


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