Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Only Reunion I Will Go To!

I get asked all the time "So, are you going to your high school reunion?"

To which my reply is always "No way! Plus, I am never invited!"

Eases the burden on me to not have to worry about how I look or lose weight so I can look 17 again, or run into certain people that I swore I would never EVER see again! Those that I love, I have kept in contact with or they have found me. The rest, well! I hope life is treating you well.

I was invited to a reunion about 3 weeks ago, and thought: Do my reunion rules apply here?

From the ages 10-20, I spent a decade of my life twirling a baton. And I am not talking about the sissy Drum Majorrette with boots and a hat. I am talking hard core, intensely competitive baton twirling. To which some of you sports players are probably thinking "any activity that requires sequins and does not have a number or your name on the back of you, is not a sport!"

REALLY?? For a decade of my life I had perma bruises on my arms, a broken toe, a black ear, a metal bar hitting me in the head on a regular basis, black eyes, fat lips and I would have to smile the entire time. Yes! Part of our scoring system was based on showmanship!

You try playing basketball smiling all the time! Bet you can't! Sissy!

As I was reopening this chapter of my life that was ssssooooo long ago, I couldn't help but think that it was because of me that this group had formed.

You see, I made the decision that I wanted to work with a new coach that had just moved to the state of Utah. I wanted her to coach me for my personal routines and then stay on the team with the girls that I had grown to love. This didn't go over well with my old coach.

She banished me from the team! I will never forget as a young 14 year old girl, standing alone in the front of a classroom pleading with my team members and their moms to allow me to stay on the team. Instead, I was verbally torn apart for not being loyal. I have never regretted for standing up for what I believed in!

I walked out of that team alone. The next day, I found out 3 of my team members followed because of the injustice of what was happening. We then formed our own team.

This is the team that is reuniting this weekend.

So, as I was digging through my hope chest to find baton pictures to post for this blog, I found the Salt Lake City Magazine that did a story about me. I don't show this to too many people, but for the reunion I will!

Here is the cover of the Salt Lake City Magazine. They put Roseanne on the cover. Lame!

This is the front page of the article about me and my coach. No that is not me, that is my coach in the picture. However, if you look at the first two words of the article, they are my name! Cool, huh?

BTW- Kristen, that baton smile I was telling you about in the car the other day, well there it is!

My picture is the bottom one. Curly hair, tiarra's and sequined costumes were a staple in my baton world.
We had a ball the last 5-6 years that I twirled. I will never forget many of the trips we had together and the many laughs, giggles, fights and bonding with these girls that I had. Yes, I am going this weekend! I have to thank them for joining the black list with me! And celebrate that we kicked some rear in the aftermath! HA!


Julie Harward said...

Yes, go and have a blast! You sure are a cutie here..I know it's hard work, my neice was a Utah champion years ago..Michelle Loosli then~ The sports that young kids get involved in can be brutal, we did the soccer thing for years and years! I was so glad to be done with it! Have fun! :D

Atherley Crack Ups said...

I love it! Two of my girls are mega twirlers. Have fun with Brit:)

Cherie said...

I am so glad you are going - What memories. You all must have a bond!! That is just SO neat :D

I love the article and the picture - your long blond curly hair and the tiara - I think it's a good look for you (wink!).

Have a super time :D

P.S. We want pictures and to hear all about it!!

Carrie said...

Now THAT is the Suzi I remember. Have a good time!!!!!

marisa said...

I MUST see more pictures!!!

Mom of twins ♥ said...

That is so cool. Have a great time reconnecting with your friends!

Heather said...

That is so exciting you get to go to that. Have a great time!

I was a cheerleader in high school and it was a lot of work to go to competitions and stuff. I hated it when people would say it wasn't a sport. It was too, if you are on the right squad. So I know what you mean.

Like I said I want to see you twirl.

Mackenzie said...

You go, girl! And bring your fire batons with you.

That seems like a ton of hard work that probably required quite a bit of altheticism.

Have a great time!!

heather said...

I love it! That is bound to be one fun reunion!

I think you all should make a short video of you doing an old routine and POST IT!

Jenice Henrie said...

I forgot about the classroom meeting. I remember how hurt you were. All you wanted was to have a different private coach and stay with the team you loved. They had a strange definition of team and loyality. Do you remember that CV told everyone that she saw the mantel of Satan on me when we said we were leaving and she went personally to their houses, even your cousin. Ouch! That is true insecurity. Unless she really did see the mantel on my face. Ummmmmmm Just food for thought. I guess she thought that leaving her as a coach was such a great SIN. I also remember the love that came with the other girls that joined you in your rebellion. They are a great group. Who could every forget the Elvis routine. Or the clap at the beginning of the music.

Small House said...

I COULD NEVER DO this....I can't even walk straight, so to walk, smile and twirl something NO WAY! I have to hand it to you.
How fun to go and be with the girls you had such a good time with. It sounds as though they were good loyal friends!

Kimmie said...

That is just awesome that you were such a baton twirler!

It's been over 27 years since I twirled baton...I twirled until I was 13 and then didn't do it anymore, but it was fun while I did do it.

I loved the "star shapes" on the end of our baton (those were the GOOD batons) and the finger twirls and getting to be good enough that we got to use "lighted batons" and "Fire batons".

I can't even remember what they were called, but we had a competition where you flipped the the baton between your pointer finger and your thumb and someone counted them and the person who did the most without dropping them won...I was one of those girls and I couldn't believe it.

BTW...GORGEOUS Photo of you in your curly hair tiara and sequins. I love getting to know people better and what their interests and hobbies are.

YAY for your reunion and from the previous post it looks like you had a FUN time!


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