Thursday, March 11, 2010

You Know What Sounds REEEAAALLLYYY Good Right NOW!

I missed Wordless Wednesday, so I go with totally silent Thursday!
Oh, wait! I blew it!

Alright, I will be quiet now!
Have a great day!


Cherie said...

Needs more chocolate for me (giggle) but definately on the right track!!

Julie Harward said...


Ann Marie said...

If that is red velvet.. then you really need to go to try the bundt cakes! Yummyness!!

{Mo} said...

DANG IT! What is it with you girls and your cakes this week? Not like I can just run to a wonderful little bakery to get a fantastic cake.....not in my little village, or even anywhere close to it?!?! And there's no way it would be delightful and yummy if I made it myself!

Queen "B" said...

OH YEAH I'm loving this!!
white choc is my FAV
sending warm Hawaiian sunshine your way and I have a fork ready:)

Joy For Your Journey said...

That looks yummy! And it is now right before noon, and I ate breakfast at 5:00 this morning so I am starving. I am off to find something to eat--that is sweet. Gee thanks.:-)

Heather said...

That does sound good! I love goodies!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Okay, funny. I went to a birthday party and guess what they had for the cake?! Red velvet with cream cheese frosting. It was so yummy!It was a bundt cake from a place called "Nothing Bundt Cake"


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