Monday, April 19, 2010

10 Ketchups with a side of Gratitude!

Life is coming back to normal again, well other than the fact that the weather has been amazingly gorgeous and we spend all our free time outside now. However, the craziness is at a stall for a brief moment.......well that, or I am adjusting to the busy schedule that now that seems normal. Who knows! Just know that I am very happy and doing well.

Here are some random facts to catch up on what has happened lately:

1. Shaeler can now ride here bike sans training wheels. The first day, we had a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth, but the next day, she had it down pretty well. Now she rides off of the curbs and likes to ride up to me very fast and hit the brakes to make the squealing sound. As long as she has a helmet on, I am cool.

2. We have been working hard in the yard. We have weeded and trimmed bushes, I mowed the lawn and Brian tilled the garden with cow poop. It was a very lovely stench. I have started more seeds as I am thinking in my head that I do not have enough seeds started for my garden. Note to self, next year, do the little pods and get lots of starts. I have also started acclamating my grown seeds to the outside and cried as some cups had too many starts and I had to pull them out.

3. I admit that I am deliberately finding ways to get Shaeler in trouble so we can ground her from the television. I admit, some of my reasons may be dumb, but I cannot express to you the joy we have felt with the doors closed to the TV armoir and we are out playing, or doing things that are productive. Shae has even admitted that she likes it and has requested that she be grounded from the television until December. To which my reply was "Done!"

4. I have come to the conclusion that I am a very boring person to talk to because my life is dominated with church stuff. Well, boring to others, but as for myself, I am happy as a lark right now.

5. After a lot of events that have happened, we have decided that we want to spend more time together as a family. Instead of date nights, we will have family nights. I enjoy hanging around with our friends and eating at each others houses while our kids play. This feels really good and right. I long now to have our daughter with us more and more and she is learning that when she goes out with mom and dad, she needs to be a lady.

6. I finally have Adobe Photoshop 8. My boss had it at work and I was looking at it and he said that I could down load it if I wanted to. Well, heck ya! So I now have the Photoshop software downloaded and absolutely no time to work on pictures. Yeah, the irony is killing me too!

7. I am on the brink of vegetarianism. We went over to the Bowler's to see their 200, well no 196 chickens that they are raising. 10 weeks and the little guys are becoming KFC (Kristens Farmed Chicken) as the Bowlers will be selling organic chicken to eat. I am not on the brink of joining PETA or whatever they are called, but I cried on the way home from their house. (I know Kristen, and don't you dare tell Shayn!!) All life is sacred to me and I cannot emotionally handle being the cause to end it. That's why Shayn was put on this earth for me. I don't know, the jury is still out, but I don't ever want to see those chickens again and debating if I want to see them cut, skinned and ready to barbeque.

8. I am out running again. Well, it feels like running but my pace is probably a brisk walk for some. Why does it feel like my legs are 1000 lbs and I am dragging them? Why am I running and feeling weary? I obey the word of wisdom, what is up with that? I don't know but I am determined to run something this August or September. Not sure what yet, but I will do something with these 1000 lb legs.

9. I have been listening to General Conference every day on my IPOD and it is like listening to all new talks all over again. That and I have been listening to "Conversations" on the mormon channel. This is where Sheri Dew is interviewing General Authorities about their daily lives and stuff and it is great to listen to. I love Sister Dalton's interview with her husband. If you want the the link, let me know.

10. I am baking banana bread for the first time this week. I am really excited. The more I bake, the more motherly I feel. I am on the search for a wheat grinder so I can start making home made bread. I am taking the approach to replace one store bought item a month and replacing it with something I have made at home. My first goal, bread! If you have any recommndations for a wheat grinder, PUH-Lease send them my way!

I want to end with a side of gratitude. I had a moment recently where I had very terrible selfish and prideful thoughts. I even had a moment that I "looked" like I was breaking a commandment. It crushed me. I am so thankful for the Atonement and for my relationship with the Savior. I am thankful for personal revelation and inspiration that was given to me to mourn with those who need to mourn and comfort those who need comfort. I am thankful for repentance and knowing that there is a new day that I can start again. I am very grateful for the wonderful people in my life who put up with me. I am just grateful for my life and my sweet family.

I am just grateful.........................................just grateful!


Mackenzie said...


So...wanna run the Disneyland half-marathon with me in September? the happiest place on earth...with the families. Sounds like perfection to me!!

I am still on for Thursday if you are...

Cherie said...

Suzanne first of all you are NOT boring. I love that your life is so full with family, your daughter, church things - You have your priorities straight and applaud you for that :D (how do you make clapping hands on the computer - LOL).

Your #5 really resonated with me. My husband and myself take alot of trips now and do things more on our own these days but when our kids were all home we got together with friends several weekends a month. We ate, we played cards, the kids all played together and it was always such great times!! Our older kids remember these times with fond memories and these friendships are the stronger for it between all the adults and kids. It is a great thing to do~!

I am about to go Vegan too, except fish. I just heard another report of a hamburger outbreak of E-coli at local store here. I am frantically trying to remember if I bought beef at that store during the time frame...ARGH!! I am sick of worrying about meat!

Congrats on your running. I am literally SO jealous. I am SO SO ready to get these health headaches and this leg pain behind me so I can go out and exercise and hike (I love to hike) and maybe start running!!

Have a Wonderful Day Suzanne! You are awesome!

Atherley Crack Ups said...

What a fun 'ketchup'! My little sis has entered into 4 or 5 5Ks. I am sure that she would love you to come. My mom even did the SLC 5K last week, she is 60! I know a 5k isn't as strenuous as a 1/2 marathon, but it is still an accomplishment. And, not as much training required!
Wheat Grinder-you know Jed, he researches everything. There are some out there that are quieter than ours (ie Whisper Mill). But he looks into bang for the buck. We have The Kitchen Mill. We were able to order it from Bed Bath online, and they let us use a coupon. Plus we get cashback bucks from Discover, so it was practically free, kind of.
Jed is my bread maker. You can check with him for pointers. He has mastered his recipe. He may even show you how to make homemade wheat pancakes, top breakfast item around here.

Ann Marie said...

You go girl!!

When I bake.. I feel motherly too! :) I think most women do. :)

As far as being a Vegan.. I have had those thoughts when I even think of seeing something alive.. and being butchered... but as long as I don't have to see it.. I will continue to enjoy Steak.
Could I give that up? It would be DANG hard.

I love your new way of looking at things with your family.
I think it's fun to have get togethers with your family.. and it's also cheaper! :) But-- you have to remember that balance and moderation in everything is good.. and being with girlfriends every once in a while is a good thing.
~ Same with dates alone with the hubby.

Good luck with your running and ALL of those busy-busy church things you have planned. :)

Kimmie said...

I love Gratitude posts and I have missed you and your Blog!

I know how hectic life can be as I have had these moments myself this past month.

You are such a WONDERFUL mom and I love how much you love your daughter and your hubby. It radiates in most every post you make. I connect so much with people that LOVE their kids and hubby as much as I do my own.

I could never raise chickens for meat. We raise chickens for eggs and I LOVE our farm fresh eggs. I also LOVE cooking most meals from scratch and I LOVE seeing your JOY and enthusiasm and your comment about "the more you bake the more motherly you feel" just made my day!

It brings such great joy and satisfaction as a mom to know that the majority of the things your family is eating, you baked and prepared with love for them.

YAY for your gardening adventure. You will LOVE and enjoy the fruits of your labors this summer and fall with all of the yummy things your garden will give you.

We have a "Magic Mill Plus" wheat grinder and I LOVE it. It grinds quickly and you can grind a variety of grains as well.

You are such an inspiration of what it means to be a GREAT mom and I love that you are out running every day, listening to Conference talks and you want your daughter to be as much a part of your daily lives as you can.

Thanks for inspiring me today!!

Joy For Your Journey said...

It sounds like you have been a very busy woman! Good job on what you have done and good luck with your future plans.

As for TV--I totally agree. I tried to ground my kids from it and it didn't work, but then life got busy for them all and now they don't even think about watching. I love it!! The TV is never on. I don't even know what shows are on these days.

But as for date nights and family nights . . . my advice--balance. Your relationship with your husband is important too. And sometimes kids appreciate time away from the parents. It helps them grow in other ways.

The trick in life, I think is to find balance between the kids and the spouse. One thing my husband and I do is meet for lunch every Wednesday. This is our mid week date. It has become a sacred day for us. We don't let anything interfere with it--and we have been doing it for 16 years straight now. Anyway--just a thought. If it is possible to do, it is good couple time that doesn't interfere with time with children as well.

Amber Burt said...

I love my Wonder Mill, or sometimes known as the Whisper Mill. You are more than welcome to try it and see if you like it.

marisa said...

I want the link!

Heather said...

You have been doing a lot! Good for you!

I don't find you boring at all! I love talking about the church! I can never get enough of it! I so want that link! I would love it! Send it my way!


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