Thursday, April 22, 2010


Happy Earth Day Everyone!
I am not sure why, but all the forces around me are making me want to be more Earth friendly. I think it's the gardening. It awakes that inner nature vs woman harmony within me.
As we are working happily on are garden and getting way excited to have a vertical garden too, I wanted to give a gift to my friend on it's special day.

carbon neutral coupons and shopping with

There is a website called Mach's Grun that is planting a tree for every blogsite that posts about their website and pastes this button on their side bar. How cool is that?

I am planting a tree with a post! Hope you like the gift Ms. Earth!!

Last night Brian and I watched Food Inc. I cried through 2/3 of it and am now taking an internal check about what we eat and where I am getting it.
I have also talked my husband into starting a compost bin. Easy peasy and I cannot wait to get started.
Still working on getting my own egg laying chickens. I think it would be awesome to have my own set of "The Ladies" in my backyard. I think the hold back with him is the hen house. Although after showing him Food Inc. last night, I think he may be more open to "The Ladies" now.
I'm rambling!


Julie Harward said...

We have chicken and I love their eggs and their antics! thankful for and take care of this beautiful earth that Heavenly Father created for me! Come say hi :D

Ann Marie said...

Wow.. Good for you getting into recycling.

I need to see that movie as well.. all though.. maybe it's better for me not to? I worry to much as it is!

Chickens? Really?
I can't wait to see if you get them or not!

Heather said...

You go girl! I have been trying to recycle myself. It is so hard because I have to take it some where to drop it off. Most people have recycling bins at their house. I think this is wonderful!

Happy Earth Day to you!

Clarke and Kamie said...

2 of my neighbors have chickens as pets and LOOOVE them. I'm a dog person, myself, but hey they love them. And they lay green eggs, which is kinda cool. But they do poop all over the yard... I bet Shaeler would love them!

Sue said...

This is good motivation for all of us. Thanks!



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