Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter at the Cabin 2010!

Easter at the Cabin is my favorite thing to do each year. For me, Easter totally trumps Christmas. It is the one time of year that my family lets me do an Easter lesson every night and they are excited to participate. Truly it is an amazing time for me!

The best way to describe this year is the phrase "It was the best of times, it was the worse of times." I choose to only focus on the positive and not the evil stomach flu that plagued the cabin and delayed our trip home. WHATEVER!!

So here are the highlights of my trip:

We were reunited with Shaeler after she had a 6 day vacation without us. She went to Knottsberry Farm and Disneyland. She had a ball!

Brian and I enjoyed our time together, although during the vacation either I was sick or he was sick. Oh well! Brian did complete a 6 mile hike with his dad for his Duty to God. They hiked up and down the mountain and were pooped out when they had finished.

My first lesson with all the grand kids was the Passover meal. They were all freaked out because I actually brought lamb to try and eat. I also made my own unleavened bread. With those two items, grape juice, radishes and Romain lettuce, we sat down together and had a sample meal of what the Savior ate at the last Supper, how the Sacrament was implemented and the symbolism of each food. Final verdict about the lamb and unleavened bread......................They LOVED it!
We had a great discussion about the Sacrament and what happened after the Passover as the Savior walked into the Garden of Gethsemane.

Do you remember the LOA poster at my house? Yes, I did set up a second poster at the cabin and it was a HUGE hit with the kids. The messages to each other were sweet, and loving and brought everyone joy and happiness! Definitely something that will be done every year!

After the Passover meal, I took the kids outside and they had to carry a log up the trail to the cabin. It was a moment to ponder and think of the Savior as he suffered for our sins. I wanted them to feel a little pain from this so they would remember the suffering of the Savior was for them individually. Oh! They felt it!

A lot of our time is spent visiting with one another and enjoying others company. Brian snapped some shots of family members. Don't yell at me family! I am doing this for my posterity people!

Joyce and Grant (Brian's mom and dad)

Natalie and Lance

Audrey and baby Claire

On Saturday, we celebrate the Eater Bunny coming. Everyone gets baskets of a toy and candy. As for me and my Easter Lesson, we do an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt. From the time the Savior was crucified to the time that he was resurrected, we know that the Savior was in the Spirit world. He taught the righteous and connected the link from Spirit Paradise to Spirit Prison, so spirit missionaries could share the gospel. In my Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt, they go through a series of riddles to find different eggs to pretend to help a loved one who has passed on received their earthly ordinances by proxy. I made it tough this year. They had to hike about 3 miles all over the mountain and it was hard. When we finished Brian taught a lesson on D&C 138 and compared the Scavenger hunt to life. That it is not easy, that we have each other, that we are given "clues" in our scriptures and that we don't give until we are home. Another Amazing moment!

When they completed the scavenger hunt, then we let them find all the other eggs that were filled with candy and one golden egg with money in it!

Shaeler was happy with the Zhu Zhu pet she got!

That night, we dyed eggs!




Shaeler and me!

I am always amazed at the beauty we get to see from our deck. What a breath taking view!

Shot of Shae Easter morning!

Baby Claire Bear!
Me, listening to all 4 sessions of General Conference by radio!! Oh yeah, I am that dedicated!
Another great year and I am so glad for the memories! The LOA board is still up at my house as we are continuing to celebrate Easter in our house for the rest of April! Hooray!


Julie Harward said...

I listened to every word of it was an extra special weekend. Looks like you had a great time..beautiful place to have it! Come say hi :D

Ann Marie said...

It sounds like an AWESOME weekend.. well.. besides the plague. So happy that you got your FILL of your favorite holiday!

Loved all of the pictures.. especially that old orange couch of Chad's parents! Awesome I say!

I know all of this was a ton of work.. and I commend you for making it memorable for EVERYONE!

Cherie said...

You really do make it a special time for your entire family - VEry neat activities. I was just looking at what you did thinking about what an amazing amount of work went into all the lessons. Wow!

I love the picture of you listening to conference!!

Sorry about the flu - that is no fun especially away from home but it looks like you all survived and had a great time anyway!!

Lisa said...

Sounds like a great Easter. I especially like the LOA poster.

The Dorsey's said...

Brian and the kids are super excited to get together with you guys at the cabin next month. Brian and never been and last time the kids were really little. These pictures helped motivate me to start getting ready for our adventure.

I am glad you have a good Easter, but sorry that Brian and Joyce had endure the plague. I hope everyone is feeling better now. <3 Janet

Carrie said...

-Note for your LOA board-
I love ya Suz! I am so glad that we found eachother again after all of these years. You and your blog have seriously helped me become a better person. It makes me want to have a better relationship with my Heavenly Father and Savior. I am doing more than just going through the motions and being a better example to my kids. Thanks for being you and sharing all that you do!

Atherley Crack Ups said...

I am sorry that you were all so ill. We, especially Bayli, missed you terribly. She had a countdown like any other holiday, THE DAY SHAE GETS BACK!!!

Heather said...

I am glad you had such a wonderful Easter!

I love the activities you did! All though, I don't think I could eat the Lamb. I am so weird when it comes to meat. If I wasn't raised on it, I can't bring myself to taste it. I have had bad experiences tasting different meat. I love that you did the last supper though!

Good for you for listening to conference! Wasn't it amazing? I loved it!

Ayla got that exact Zuh Zuh pet for Easter. Her's keeps having problems. I have already taken one back to replace it and now her new one is acting up.

Small House said...

Conference was GREAT! And glad you enjoyed a wonderful weekend. You have great ideas for celebrating Easter. To bad you were sick though. YUCK~

Miss Megan said...

Yes, it's true...I'm finally getting around to checking blogs and commenting! Looks like you guys had a great Easter. Thanks for letting me catch up! xoxo


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