Saturday, June 26, 2010

Walk with Christ

(A Little something that Kristen and I whipped up for a very special purpose!)

Well, even though we have not left yet, the beast of the event is well on it's way. No complaining her, just sort of in awe watching the giant begin it's journey.

I Heart Youth Conference!!

I never went as a youth because it was always over my birthday. (Such a lame excuse now!) I cannot tell you how much I regret not going when I was younger. There is something life changing about going up to the mountains and leaving the world behind. These are the events that are testimomy building if you are prepared and ready for it to be so.
I love that I can go now even though I am a leader. I feel the spirit just as much as they do, and will happily drink up whatever living water that comes my way. This youth conference feels very different to me. Not just because I am very much involved in it, but there is a spirit that excites me about it. I have a theory that we are going to change lives. At the same time, I am trying so hard not to get to excited and set the bar so high that I will be let down. It's a continual battle in my head.
I always tell myself and the youth I work with "What you put into it, is what you will get out of it." I truly believe this statement. So, I am prepared to have my own life changing moment this next week. At this point, it is all in his hands and we are there for the experience. There is no place that I would rather be.
I bear my testimomy that Christ lives!
I know without a shadow of a doubt that he is my Savior, my advocate, my brother and father.
I Know that Christ suffered for me in Gethsemane for my sins. All of the faults that I fight daily, all of the pain and suffering I endure.
I know that He lives today. That He conquered death so that I too shall be with my body again and be with my family members who have passed before and after me.
I know that by following Him that I can find peace in this world and celestial glory in the next.
I know that the Savior loves me!
Have a wonderful day!


Kristen said...

You did an awesome job today. I can't wait to get there and see it for real!

Ann Marie said...

I loved to read your Testimony.
I'm sure this week will be a very spiritual one. Have the greatest time feasting on the spirit. :)

~ And I hope you will blog about what you did... :)

Julie Harward said...

What a great job you did..nothing is better than to work with the youth!!! :D

Heather said...

Thanks for your testimony!

I love youth conference! I am sure it will be wonderful!

Small House said...

Beautiful testimony. You will have a good time!! Youth Conference is always fun. I didn't have an opportunity to go to youth conf. when I was a teen. Our stake didn't have them. However, I'm with you and planning them. I've planned a few in my lifetime,and they are a lot of work!! BUT....worth every minute of it.

It's been fun catching up on your old posts. I've been away for a bit. I want to stay at Little America now.
Have a great day.


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