Friday, July 30, 2010

And the Hammer Came Down

Where to begin?

Ok. Here it goes....we got in trouble.

My grandmother who is 83 and taught Shaeler how to read, write, add, subtract and everything she knows chewed us out, firmly scolded us for not continuing her reading during the summer.

In my defense, we wanted to take a little break after school and then all of the sudden time sped up to warp speed and 2/3 of the summer is over. Dang it!

She is absolutely right! So, I ran and bought a workbook for Shaeler to work through, we stopped at the library and picked up a pile of books and we are now on track.

Shaeler reads 2 books and I read her a book.

Practicing her handwriting, math and school work.

The workbook wer are going through has a reading list at the front of it. It suggests books to get at the library. One book that we have never read before was Olivia!

Holy Canoly! I love these books. This pig/girl is hilarious! Shaeler is rolling laughing every time I read Olivia books to her. I love Olivia's sassiness! I smell our summer book to give to Shaeler's 1st grade teacher. :)

Don't be mad anymore Grandma!! We are back on track! Thank you for kicking my butt, sweetly reminding to do so! LOVE YOU!


{Mo} said...

I'm so with you there girl.....We (ie- Derrick) made deal with the boys that if they promised to do reading and math at home for an hour every day, they didn't have to go to summer school. I did great (because since Derrick is at work the planning and following through fell to me) for about a week, and it's been very downhill, very fast since then. Summer= CHAOS and no time for school work!

Heather said...

My niece watches the show Olivia. I didn't know they had books.

Cherie said...

Grandma would not like me - I do not believe in making kids do school work in the summer! Ha Ha
But we do love the Olivia books!!

Julie Harward said...

Thats cute...and she is such a little doll! :D

Atherley Crack Ups said...

We have been slacking a little as well. Bayli had 6 lessons left at the beginning of summer in her reader. We barely finished them 2 weeks ago. BTW, lovely the cute header pic, I just may need a copy!


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