Monday, August 2, 2010

Galoon! It's what FUN is!

We had a wonderful weekend here at our crazy house. My sister came in town and we joined them to have an adventurous day at Lagoon! I forgot my camera and so all pictures were taken by my sister, Janet.

Good friends have taught us that if you are going to go in the dead heat of the day to the park, it is best to get sopping wet and remain damp the rest of the day. Makes a world of difference in the sun and heat.
Here are the kids drenched from Rattle Snake Rapids.

Robert and Shae on the Dragon Fly Swings!

The Tidal Wave!
Starting left to right:
Janet, Sadie, Morgan, Brian, Shae and Me!

Turn of the Century Swings!
I am very proud of this picture as Robert was one that did not like the fast, high moving rides but we got him on the swings and he had a great time. Go Robert!

I really love Lagoon. My only beef is the PDA of teenagers during the night. That's another post for the other blog. We have a bounce back for this week and I really want to try hard and head back again.

As we say at our house: Galoon! It's what fun is!


Julie Harward said...

I like Lagoon better than Disneyland...we lived near there and our kids spent tons of time there! :D

Melissa said...

I can't believe that you went to Lagoon or Galoon and came home for Maycies birthday party! Thank you so much! That is a dedicated friend. And then it sounds like you went back that night! Maycie was so glad that Shaelar could come. I hope she had a good time and it was worth the drive back! Thanks again!

Heather said...

I love Lagoon! It is so fun! I get to go there in a couple of weeks! I am excited! Cute pictures! I didn't know they have two seater seats on the swings now.

Heather said...

Oh ya, I have to agree about the teens too. I can't stand that! But then again I did some stupid stuff as a teen.

Cherie said...

I haven't been to Lagoon in a couple years but it definately has some good rides.
Also, great advice to get wet and stay cool during the day! I am so surprised at all the BIG rides that your little people went on - Whoo Hooo to them!


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