Thursday, September 23, 2010

Random Thoughts!

Dear Self,

Random Thoughts you have had for today:

Had to put on the angry face today at work.  Co-worker informed me that my voice gets louder when I am upset.  Really? 

Whoever drives the black celica that works out at 24 hour Fitness, the bear claw donut on the front seat........Nice one!

Thank you to all the men that always hold the door open for me.  Chivalry is still alive!

Are you faint of heart?  18 pages....loving every word!

Mini head cold, please go away soon.  If you have to stay, just stay who you are.

I heart Brian!  He put gas in my car and slipped me 2 spoonfuls of ice cream.  He's the best!

My code name for the Webinar today was Chuck Norris.  No one noticed!  Bah!

Need sleepy!

Where will I go to eat this weekend?  Has to be a good one!

I love the sound of music in my home.  Please KSL help me find a real piano soon.

The weekend has begun!  Woohoo!


Cherie said...

Hey your weekend is starting early? Good job!
The bear claw on the seat - Ha Ha what a crack up!

JENNIFRO said...

You are funny! Random and l love it. How ARE you? Just browsing... catching up!

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