Friday, September 17, 2010

School Days, School Days, Dear Old Golden School Days!

We are so blessed to not have Shaeler's school start until the day after Labor Day! I really love that her school recognizes that we enjoy summer's as a family and that means that the summer goes past Labor Day weekend. Before school started, we had to do a few preparations to get her ready.

1. Clean out her closet!
Quite a sensation when you can clean out, throw out and put away clothes that are not necessary. After I had cleaned out her closet, I realized the child had very little clothing! So a shopping we ago!

2. Twinkle Toes or Death!
Shaeler had her mind set that she wanted Twinkle toes. Darn those Saturday morning Sketcher commercials. She had her birthday money and I believe in allowing her to make her own decisions. After making the sales clerk search endlessly in back room, we found her size hidden up front on the shelf. It didn't matter what, we were not leaving the store without these shoes.

3. The "stand in front of the door" first day of school picture.
It's a staple picture in our lives. What can I say. I always love to see Shae in her uniform!

4. Front teeth will be in by pictures!
Been avoiding having our family pictures taken because of the 4 teeth Shaeler has been missing. Happy to report that those teeth are coming in and we are scheduling the family pics next month! Wohoo!

5. The Hello Kitty Craze!
Shaeler has been obsessed with Hello Kitty lately. Hello Kitty:

they sell it, we got it.

Shaeler's first grade teacher is Miss Frehner. We gave her an "Olivia" book on the Back to School Night. Miss Frehner has taught Shae a song about sitting on a back porch, eating bubble gum and playing with a yo yo while the family pet eats the family. It is quite entertaining to hear Shaeler sing.

6. Mom did not have a mental breakdown this year!

Happy to report that I was completely normal with Shaeler leaving for school this year. She was also very happy to start school too. She admitted to Brian and I that she cried the first day of school during recess because she missed me so bad. Which if I had known a year ago, I probably would have not let my baby go. All is well now! All is well!


Mom of twins ♥ said...

Ahh, she looks so cute and grown up! I Love the shoes she picked out, a girls gotta have some pretty shoes like that!

Cherie said...

She looks really cute!
I have to tell you I love the "no teeth" look on kids. They only get it once in their life and it looks so darn cute when they have their teeth missing!
Hope she has a great school year!

Heather said...

Very cute pictures of Shealer! I love her uniform! That is awesome they didn't start school until after Labor Day!

Alya has some sprakely shoes of her own. They light up in the toes when she walks.

Julie Harward said...

She is so pretty! Love the front tooth thing and she looks ready for school mom...she'll be fine! :D

JENNIFRO said...

Sad about this! I hate that they leave. ; ( So she goes to a private school..? uniforms are great!


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