Friday, October 8, 2010

Letters of Love!

I have been down in my basement this last week, looking for a few pictures.  As I was rummaging through boxes of my childhood, I came across these letters that my parents had written to me as I was in the Young Women's Program.  I could not help but chuckle when reading these letters and feeling the love that my parents have for me.
My dad has a very subtle and quiet sense of humor.  My opinion, I think he's hilarious!  Please read the next 2 letters below from my father:

Dad, my dedication to keep my room a mess was all for you!  All for you, my friend.  I was happy to take one for the team!
Reiko??  Wut Ever??  LOL

Tried my best to cry in front of the YW leaders, dad.  Really I did!

My mom was always the one to give me the greatest praise and focus on my strengths.  
Yes, my entire childhood, my mom was the only one that called me by Suzanne.  Now, that is the name I go by and rarely do I hear my other names.  This is not by choice, it just happened that way.  Most likely because Brian will only call me by Suzanne.  Not once as I have known him has he ever called me Suzie or Suz.  Kind of ironic, since he is the King of nick names.

Thank you mom and dad for taking the time and writing these letters.  They are so very meaningful to me and thank you for loving me for who I am.  

I try to follow your example and I write little notes and a long letter to Shaeler every year.  I hope that she will cherish her letters as much as I love mine!

When you love someone, please tell them.  This life goes by way to quick to not at least express our love for one another.


Jenice Henrie said...

Thank you so much for this. You have no idea how much this means to me and touches my heart. It's amazing that when you feel you have reached bottom and can't even see the light, someone shines a flashlight and it's not as dark as it seems. Thank you.

Heather said...

That is so great you have those letters! You dad is pretty funny! I love the second one he wrote! I loved reading how your parents see you through their eyes! I see a lot of those qualities too!


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