Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October Is Here!

It seems that there is no way around it, but October is a fabulous month for a child.  So many activities to be done, people give out candy and you get to dress up and pretend to be something you are not.  I have always loved Halloween when it is kept clean and fun.  I have no taste for the scary and dark stuff.  No thank you!  

Shaeler was so excited to put up the Halloween decorations this year, and so last night we had a party to do so.

We put up caution tape on all the doors that needed caution:  Hence the bathroom!

We made little bats and pumpkins for my Orchid that is no longer in bloom.

I replaced the table cloth I had last year with this new one.  

Cosmic Creepers stands and guards our back door.

Shae decorated her room with lights and another kitty.

We have a designated place for the witches to hang their hats and brooms.

We made goblin suckers to hang/fly in our entry way.

I just love my fall wreath!

Leftover candy from FHE.  There is something about a Reeses that screams HALLOWEEN!! Perhaps its the orange?

We watched Bednobs and Broomsticks to start our Halloween month off right.  LOVE this movie!

Happy Halloween decorations always make the house so much more fun!

Let the Halloween month begin!


Clarke and Kamie said...

Ok you would die laughing. I have an old photo album my kids were looking at that has a Halloween picture of us as kids. Me as a hula dancer, you as a mime!!! It is hilarious!!! Your white face paint and silver hat and bow tie cracks me up!!!

Julie Harward said...

I agree, it all makes it more fun and the thing that makes it the most fun is children! Have a wonderful month together! Come say hi :D

Lisa said...

I love Halloween. I am not very motivated to decorate, for some reason. And my kids haven't got the decorating bug yet. So, I guess that you will have to come do my house too!

Cherie said...

Well if you have ever looked at my blog in October you know that I am in love with Halloween!
I love all your decor - it looks great and I bet Shaeler loved helping! Those cats are GREAT - very very cool!

Happy Fall!

Heather said...

Way cute decor! I love Halloween!


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