Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 1, 2010

My Dear Friend,

Another Halloween has come and gone and this year was full of its own moments of scariness.  We survived yet again and now have the perspective to that whatever comes our way next, we will fight back that much harder.  It's funny how you can set plans for certain things and then plans can change so quickly.  I look back after this weekend and I am grateful for patience and flexibility.

This year, Shaeler chose to be Alice from Alice in Wonderland.  I had thoughts of making her costume again this year, but felt that ordering her costume online may be the better path for myself.  I chose correctly.  Shaeler made a beautiful Alice, she is such a gorgeous little girl.  Yes, I am biased, but she is all I've got and I will dote on her if I want to.

Our festivities began Thursday as Shaeler had her school Harvest Day celebration.  I was able to attend half of it and walked into the room as Shaeler and her classmates were playing Halloween Bingo.  Her teacher walked past me with bright blue hair and it didn't take me long to figure out that she was Thing 1 from Cat in the Hat.  I sat and watched as the children were fed 2 cupcakes, a cookie, orange cool aide with dry ice and candy that would even send me into a sugar shock.  We were able to leave a little early and hurried home to watch "Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief as we finished the book a few days before." 

Brian came home with a scowl on his face.  Trying to figure out what was wrong, he said he didn't feel well and was in a lot of pain.  So, he had a hot bath as Shaeler and I finished watching the movie.  I went in to check on him, and he felt no relief.  He made the decision not to go into work the following morning and I knew that we would have to visit the doctor the following day.

As Friday approached, I was concerned about Brian and him feeling better, but also making sure that Shaeler would have a wonderful day before the Trunk or Treat.  We took Brian in to see the doctor at noon and he gave Brian 2 antibiotics and told Brian to come back Monday morning.  I did my usual running of errands and so forth and then Shae was able to play with her good friend Bayli.  We got ready for the Trunk or Treat and we headed out the door without Brian as he was still in a ton of pain.  We had a birthday party to go to later that night, in which I had to sadly decline.  So at the Trunk or Treat, I bought Reeses, Snickers, Twix, M&M's, Laffy Taffy, and skittles to hand out.  In return, Shaeler brought back Tootsie Rolls, Dumb Dumb Suckers and Pixie Sticks with a few Butterfingers and Crunches.  I felt the trade was a bad deal.  It has been a 2 edged sword that bag of candy of hers.  On one hand, I am grateful she has crap, not my favorite candy, then I won't eat it.  On the other hand, I felt jipped with the exchange!  I spent a lot of money.  Oh, well!

We returned home to find dad hungry and in pain, so we fed him and put him to bed.  The following Saturday, his pain increased much worse and by the afternoon, he was screaming and punching walls and I knew that it was time to take him to the ER.  So we went back to the hospital and I almost felt like the reception desk would yell out "Brian" like they do on the old television show "Cheers" every time Norm walked into the bar.  To make a long story short, Brian had surgery that evening, I watched the entire procedure and then he had to spend the night at the hospital.  I stayed with him until 11:30 and then returned back to the hospital that morning at 5:30 am.  Brian had the nurse call me at 5:20 to make sure that I wouldn't have a late arrival.  Thanks honey!

Sunday we checked out of the hospital around noon.  Being a bit apprehensive to leaving Brian behind because of the last time, I called his mom to come over and be at the house so I could fill prescriptions.  I sensed a bit of hesitancy to come as Brian had snapped at her to leave when they came to get Shae at the hospital, but I assured her that he was doing a lot better.

Running on 5 hours of sleep is not my forte.  I was tired and doing the best I could to be a nurse for Brian and an entertainer for Shaeler.  We had big plans to have a special Halloween party Saturday night.  I could tell the stress was wearing on her too.  So we snuggled together as a family in our bed and watched "How to Train Your Dragon" on her small DVD player.  I held her hand and rubbed her back as she fell asleep safely between her concerned parents. 

Life is getting back to normal now.  Brian was suppose to take off a week of work to heal and he made it 1 day.  If I was a betting woman, I would be rich on that bet.  It seems that the life lessons we are being taught back to back and it makes me wonder what is ahead for the future.  I am trying to be a good student and learn from these experiences so when the next round comes, I am that much stronger.  I can tell you this though, with everything that happened this weekend, I come away with this life lesson:

Nothing but pixie sticks for the Ward Trunk or Treat next year!  Ha!

Always Loyal and True,



Ann Marie said...

I'm calling you.

Kristen said...

Ha! Dude - don't bring good candy to the trunk or treat. It's WAY too many kids. And too many teenagers. I really think they should put an age limit on it. You would spend a fortune if you bought enough "good" candy to supply all of the kids that show up. I went with Laffy Taffy and we STILL ran out way early. Next year I'm going to buy smarties, open them and give each kid one individual piece. But I'll give Shae two so you won't be mad at me. :)

Glad Brian is feeling better.

Jenice Henrie said...

Loved the pictures of Shaeler. Hope Brian feels better.

Julie Harward said...

Shaeler's costume is so sweet! And I am glad Brian is on the mend! You guys take care! ;D

Joy For Your Journey said...

Your daughter looks darling! I am so sorry to hear about your husband though. I kept looking over your post but I didn't see where it said what was wrong with him. Was it his appendix or something else?

And about candy--you got tootsie rolls? My daughter came home with snickers and milky ways and only one tootsie roll!! Those are my favorite so I was rather disappointed. :-)

Mom of twins ♥ said...

Sorry that Brian was not feeling well.. Glad that he is doing better now, scary! Shae looks very cute!

Lisel said...

Your daughter makes the perfect Alice - and she is beautiful, so dote on! I'm glad your husband is OK! Your family will be in my prayers!

Lisa said...

I am sorry that I didn't know all that was going on. DJ had mentioned on Friday that Brian was probably going to need surgery in the future, but no one thought that soon.
I hope that everything goes well with his recovery. Everyone that I have taken care of that has had the surgery wished they had been able to have it sooner.
I LOVE Miss Shae, she is the extension of our family that is thought about daily. Bayli is so lucky to have such a wonderful friend.
In regards to the trunk-or-treat, you know my stance on that matter. I shall refrain from cursing!

Clarke and Kamie said...

ohhh she looks so cute in your garden! That picture could win an award! Glad everything worked out with the hubby.

JENNIFRO said...

Wow... you have REALLY been through it! I'm so glad Brian got the treatment he needed --what a shocker! Hope he's doing much better. Your halloween candy story is hilarious!! Isn't it so true though! Laffy taffy, pixie stix etc does=CRAP. How frustrating! No wonder you bought the "ginormous" stuff at Target!

P.S. DARLING little girl! Perfect Alice!


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