Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh, and Winter said to tell you hello!

My Dear Friend,

We had a lovely weekend!  My how much you appreciate the little everyday things when you don't have to make any trips to the ER for the weekend. Ha!  I couldn't have asked for a better weekend for myself.

Friday, I went with Kristen to see Harry Potter.  We debated whether we wanted to go because we had heard some not so FSOY worthy parts of the movie.  Kristen found some articles that debunked our concerns and so we went.  I was ready to walk if I needed to.  It actually was pretty good.  Very true to the book and it was fun to laugh and giggle with Kristen during the movie.  Can I just say that Kristen is the coolest girl to hang out with?  I dare say I shall. I appreciate her perspective and down to earth point of views.  The girl is for real.  I appreciate that I can talk to her and "unload" so to say and she listens and gives great advice.  Thank you Kristen!  Thank you for the lovely time at the movies!

Friday night we cleaned the house as a family.  And the heavens opened and the angels sang as all 3 of us worked.  It was so glorious!  Cleaning the house is so much faster when we all do it, not just me.  Friday had totally made my weekend.  We ate over at Kneaders for soup and bread and I ran into some old high school chums.  Garret and Sarah.  I met Garret when I transferred over to Taylorsville and sat next to him in my Physics class.  From day one, it was none stop laughs.  A true friend to me.  He and Sarah are high school sweethearts and I went to their wedding because they were good friends to me.  They have 3 boys and now live in South Jordan.  Good for them!

Saturday was another day of finishing tasks.  I went grocery shopping, worked out, went to the temple and then we met friends for dinner at the Spaghetti Factory.  LOVE the restaurant, LOVE the conversation.  As we headed out the door, snow was covering the streets and cars and was sticking like glue.  We immediately headed for home.  So glad I did, because when I awoke Sunday morning, I found Shae and Brian outside in this:

Yup!  Winter has arrived in full force.  Always seems to happen around Thanksgiving time.  There was so much snow and it was heavy.  Unfortunately, we do not own a snow blower and Brian has been using the snow shovel my dad gave to him when they sold their home 11 years ago.  That bad boy has been ground down to practically to the stick.  He was only able to shovel my side of the driveway and was tired.

Shae on the other hand is pumped for her new found Winter Wonderland.  She found her coat, boots, gloves and snow pants while I was sleeping and joined her dad.  She quickly made snow balls, snow angels and tromped around the yard leaving her mark.

I am not one that enjoys the cold.  Not one bit!  So I stay inside and prepare the Hot Chocolate for the loved ones after they can no longer take the numb fingers and cold noses.  Drink up, baby!  We are heading in for a high of 16 over Thanksgiving!  wohoo!

I love that she is wearing pajamas under her snow suit and the nice peacock flip of hair on top of her head.  AWESOME!

So, Winter is here and I am counting down the days until Spring shall arrive.  I love the snow until Christmas and then after that, I start praying for the weeks to fly by so I can feel the warm weather again!

Sunday was a day of visiting 2 wards and a fireside.  We had a panel of seminary teachers answer questions from the youth.  We had some great answers given and my favorite quote from the night is "Donuts are Holy!"  Think about that one!  LOL
Always loyal and true,



Julie Harward said...

Donuts are holy...thats a good one! You did get dumped ton of snow! We are getting our big one tomorrow I think. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving...and get that man a snow blower! ;D

Ann Marie said...

Wow! You did have a great weekend!

1st- I am amazed that you saw Harry Potter. Not just because of the "part" but I heard this is very dark and had some scary parts. You always surprise me Suzanne!

2nd- I am grateful you have Kristen.
Everyone needs good friends.. and I love that you can be yourself with her.. and have such a fun time!

3rd- Yes.. I believe a good early Christmas present for Brian would be a snow blower! :)

4th- We hope you guys have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Kristen said...

Right back at ya sister! Movie was really fun. Let's do it again in, oh..say, May or so of 2011. :)


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