Thursday, November 18, 2010

That Twinkle in Your Eye

My Dear Friend

Just wanted to note a conversation I had with Shaler the other day:

"Mom, when I get married, I want to match my husband like you and dad match!"

"What, we don't match?"

"Yes, you do!  You look exactly alike!"

"Uh, no honey!  I have blond hair and your dad has brown hair."

"Yeah, but you both have the same eye color!"  (Which is true!)

"And what color is that?"

"Hazel and you both have that twinkle in your eye."

"Shaeler, do you know what that twinkle in the eye means?"

"Yes, it means that God is with you."

"That's right! Did you know that you have that same twinkle in your eyes?"

"I do?"

"Yes Shaeler, and I hope you marry a man that has the exact twinkle in his eye as you do in yours."

6 years old and we have already began to dream of marriage and her future husband.  Didn't see that coming!

Always loyal and true,



Sue said...

What a beautiful conversation, and to be able to notice this at such a young age, priceless. Thanks for sharing.

Ann Marie said...

It's super cute the things that are going on in our childrens minds.

Tenney gets soo embarrassed if Chad and I show any affection in front of her.. ( so we do extra to bug her ) and if we even mention boys or marriage.. she gags.
I'm ok with this for now.. just because I know it won't last.. and other girls in her class already have boyfriends!

Miss Megan said...


Lisel said...

What an awesome conversation! You are obviously great parents to have taught your daughter to recognize that! I also liked your post on fireproofing your marriage, so important! It's so sad to see marriages and families falling apart.

JENNIFRO said...

VERY sweet. That was so worth sharing...


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