Thursday, November 4, 2010

Random Thoughts...

My dear friend,

Today has been one of those days where completely random thoughts are entering into my head.  Do share, you ask?  Alright.

  • Today on the stairmaster, I checked to see how many flights of stairs I step in a workout.  83!!  I then checked to see how many flights of stairs the Empire State Building has:  86!!  I figured between my workout, home and work, I easily climb the same amount of steps as the Empire State Building.  That's just insane!!
  • While we are on the subject of the gym, there is a new trend of workout attire that I am seeing becoming more popular.  They are gym pants with jeweled wings on the butt.  I'm not getting this statement.  Why would anyone want wings on their butt?  Back, yes, but the bum just seems a bit weird.  And sparkly none the less.  
  • I took my ring in to have it cleaned today.  I haven't had it cleaned in maybe 8-9 years.  Let's just say, it was really dirty.  Let's just say it took Mike a long time to clean my ring.  Lets just say, I thought he was going to yell at me.  HOWEVER,  It looks like a brand new ring.  I may show it off like I was newly engaged or something.  I feel newly engaged.  Can I get married again?  Get lots of presents and go on a week of vacay?  No!  Grr!  I can say it gave me a boost in spirits and it was FREE!!
  • I had to go to Target last night and I saw the Halloween candy was on sale 50% off.  I bought a few bags since they were $3.00 a piece and they are the GINORMOUS bags.  I thought that when I got home that I would be cheered and applauded for bringing home some really good candy and maybe lifted upon some shoulders for the extra special treat..... I got booed!  Sometimes I feel under appreciated for my special efforts.  That's fine, I don't have to share.  May take me 6 months to do it by myself, but I recognize when pearls are thrown before swine.  ;)
  • I had a tough lesson on my mouth yesterday.  The more and more I study my scriptures, the more I am learning the power of what we say, how we say and when we say something and the effects it has.  I think we underestimate the power of speaking.  If you think about it, everything Heavenly Father says has to happen.  His word is binding.  If he said for the mountain to move, it would have to move.  There is no "just kiddings" with him.  I have thought a lot today about what I say everyday and its effects.  If I were to assume that someone was not trustworthy and say it out loud, then would that be binding?  Something to think about.  A quote I really love is:

"Small people talke about other people. 
Average people talk about material things. 
Great people talk about ideas."

Always loyal and true,



Julie Harward said...

Maybe the wings make them fly when the are working out! I am amazed that the pronges didn't need to be built up after that long, thats what always happened to me! :D

Ann Marie said...

It's fun to read what's going on in other people's minds.. :)

The last quote at the bottom..
What if I am all 3 things?? ha-ha..

Hope your weekend is happy and STRESS FREEEEEEE!!!!! XO

JENNIFRO said...

Listen Suzanne... you should NEVER pass on candy at 50% off! Don't let the turkeys get you down!! ; )

I'll tell you, your last point really made sense to me. I've never thought of that before--how God's word is binding in relation to the things we say.. Very cool concept. Deep thoughts indeed. Fun post.


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